Are Electric Shavers Good For Head Shaving?

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If you want to shave your head, you have many options to consider. These include the pair of scissors, razor blade, manual shaver, and the electric shavers. All these options have their pros and cons as well as their niches (outstanding features). This makes the task of finding the right one quite a daunting undertaking indeed.

The aim of this article is to help you to navigate this otherwise treacherous terrain. We have after intense research deduced that your best bet for head shaving is none other than the electric shaver. We are going to examine its strengths as well as suitability for the said job.

For a start, the electric shaver as the name suggests is powered by electricity rather than human brawn. As such, it consumes less effort on your part and also gives off outcomes that are ordinarily beyond the scope of the ones that are manually powered.

These notwithstanding, the shaver also imposes higher utility bills and also call for some technical skill and expertise to effectively manage and handle. All factors considered though, no other kind of shaver suits the job much better than them. We are going to look into the advantages of this kind of shaver in our discussions that follow.

Are electric shavers good for head shaving?

YES, they are! The following are the major factors that suit it for the job more so when compared to the other tools for the job.


On the whole, the electric shavers are faster than their competitors. This stems from their possession of powerful motors which are faster and greatly expedite the process of cutting down the amount of hair. You will not have to wait for too long to receive the end results as is the case with most other gadgets of its kind. Instead, you will obtain the final outcomes within the shortest time possible.

Closely tied to this is the fact that shavers can handle almost all kinds of hair comfortably and within the shortest time possible. An electrically powered motor is generally more powerful than their manually or gas-powered counterparts. This is yet one more reason why you are better off with this kind of shaver than the others.

Uniform Results:

These shavers also bring about uniform outcomes as opposed to the scissors that give off uneven outcomes. Their outcomes are indeed beautiful to behold by reason of this. The logic that underlies this is pretty simple. The machines are generally more uniform than human hands in their operations. This makes them more likely to yield outcomes that closely resemble each other.
Because of this, you should look to no other appliance if all you are seeking great-looking hair. Moreover, most shavers even allow you to set the depth and fineness of the results. This again comes in handy when you to bring about certain desirable outcomes.

Different Styles:

Lastly, the electric shavers can also bring about different hairstyles. Each person is unique. As such, each one has his own taste and preference as regards the kind of hairstyle he wants. No other gadget at the moment can do this much better than the electric shaver.

With the electric shaver, you may adjust the blades appropriately to let them shave your head in a given frequency, style, spacing, and other vital parameters. It is this adjustability that suits the shavers for the role of generating the great and diverse styles imaginable.

What makes electric shavers unique and outstanding?

A number of factors converge to make electric shavers stand out. Below are but a few of those factors:
Less Human Effort

Perhaps the most outstanding trait of the electric shaver is the fact that it calls for limited effort and human intervention. Indeed, the shavers perform almost the entire role of cutting down the hair without any human effort save for the task of holding the shaver in place.

This is great news as it means you may use it for a prolonged duration of time but without the fear of feeling bored or getting fatigued at all in the process. This trait comes in handy while tackling that hair that is way too thick and cumbersome to work on. The machine through its powerful motor confronts such hair seamlessly.

Electric Power:

This is yet again another strong point of the shaver. It derives its power from the electricity. This electricity is what powers the motor to generate the torque or rotational force. This force subsequently runs the blade which eventually cuts the hair.

Electric power is ordinarily capable of producing higher torque than all the other forms of propulsions or power. This again makes the shaver much more effective than the alternative means of shaving the head. It is this particular trait that sets the shaver much more detached from the rest of the appliances of its kind.

Adjustable Settings:

You will also enjoy the benefit of being able to adjust the various parameters of the shaving process. These include the depth of the hair, the speed of the shaving and the various patterns and hairstyles. You cannot do this with the scissors or any other manually powered shaving machine.

As such, this trait gives you some leverage over the kinds of outcomes you may possibly obtain from the shaver. You do not have to settle for the standard and hackneyed results which are often delivered by the other kinds of shavers.


Lastly, the electric shavers are safer compared to the other kinds of shavers. They are less likely to inflict cuts on your skin or ears as is the case with most other shavers. This is also not to mention that they are easier to engage and control. Because of this, you may count on them not to disappoint you at all like you would with other kinds of shavers.


Well, for your next shaving exercise, you have the electric shaver for your use and application. It indeed is well able to handle the chore well. Moreover, it is also packed with a range of features that greatly expedite the process besides enhancing your safety at all times.




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