Best Safety Razor For Men – Ultimate Buyers’ Guide

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If you’re someone who values a well-groomed appearance, then you understand the importance of finding the perfect razor. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which one will suit your needs.

To help make the decision easier, we’ve put together a review of the top six razors available in 2023, whether you’re looking for an electric or manual option.

Top 6 best safety razor Comparison Chart

This comparison chart will give an overview of the various razors listed below. This guide is created to help you to make an informed decision about which razor will suit your needs best.

Comparison Chart

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor
31jvua7 svL. SL500
Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, Chrome, Regular Handle, 5 blades
41rMv5gtfJL. SL500
VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor (Neutrally Aggressive)
51uCJt7aUYL. SL500
Feather Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor AS D2
51S9BOifsJL. SL500
Parker 96R – Long Handle Butterfly Open Safety Razor & 5 Parker Premium Platinum Double Edge Razor blades

Merkur Long-Handled Safety Razor

Merkur is in business for more than thirty years and since then they have not disappointed the user in providing high-quality razors. They offer some of the best experiences to users when it comes to razors. Particularly when it comes to the Merkur model which is a safety razor with a long handle.

Their products are manufactured in Solingen, Germany so you can get an idea of what sort of high-quality devices this grooming company has to offer.

Product Highlights:

Design and Make

This guide will provide you with all the necessary information on the Merkur long-handled safety razor. You will learn how the razor’s handle length provides a comfortable and secure grip, making it an ideal choice for men.

The razor’s unique design ensures pain-free cleaning, while its sleek and stylish look makes it a great addition to any bathroom. With a variety of options available, including a satin chrome or gold-plated finish, you can choose the perfect Merkur razor to fit your needs.


The Merkur long-handled safety razor’s heavyweight design provides a sturdy grip for a smooth shaving experience.

Smooth Shave

It has a double edge razor which makes it easier to get that extremely smooth shave. This shaver guarantees a clean shave without causing any irritation because of its high-quality razor.

Even those with super sensitive skin will appreciate its ability to provide a close, smooth shave without any redness. While it may require some practice to use, once you become experienced with it, you’ll achieve unbeatable results. So, this razor is ideal for anyone who wants an evenly clean shave.


  • The long non-slippery handle is ideal for people with bigger hands
  • Highly durable
  • Within the range of affordability


  • It comes with a single blade
  • Needs more attention to dry out
  • banLess weight of the handle

Bottom Line

If you prefer a wet shave along with a safe and secure option then you need to go for Merkur long-handle safety razor. Are you seeking a dependable and easy-to-use option with an outstanding grip and a well-balanced design? If so, this is the perfect choice for you. This option guarantees a smooth and even finish, making it the best in the market. You can also have an enjoyable hair removal experience without breaking the bank by choosing this affordable option.

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

31jvua7 svL. SL500

Edwin Jagger has produced some of the finest razors in the world along with the new exciting shaving products. It is packed with a classic high-quality design within an affordable range.

Product Highlights:

Comfortable working experience

This product offers a very comfortable shaving experience. It delivers a very smooth and clean close shave. The replacement of the blade is not an issue, as it is low-cost work. The parts are ways easier to clean and replace. Well-experienced designers have styled the blade so sleek that anyone can appreciate it. The chrome finish delivers a higher level of sophistication which doesn’t rust.

Weight and grip

The razor is not heavy as it offers a good balance at a comfortable level. It’s easy to use and efficient. Whether you are a new or experienced wet shaver you will experience no difficulties using this shaver. It has a chrome handle made of solid brass which makes it easier to hold with a wet hand.

Effective for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin then this is the best choice. You won’t have to deal with cuts or irritation if you use this product. You can abstain from scars on your skin with this device. It doesn’t matter your skin type you won’t be disappointed using this razor. If you have used a straight razor I would like to see what you think about the difference between the two. Because of the really good shaving head, this shaver can provide results similar to a straight razor.

This design is so well made you only need to apply a little pressure to shave. Also, this shaver does decrease the possibility of ingrown hairs because of how effective it is at cutting beards.


  • Provides a very close shave
  • Has great balance
  • Offers a head that can fit any blade


  • The head can be detached from the neck
  • A bit costly 
  • Short handle for shaving other parts of the body

Bottom Line:

Even though the Edwin Jagger razor is expensive but you should bear in mind that it is a one-time investment, and it can last longer than the other razors. You won’t have to get new razors often and spend a lot of money. The best thing about it is how easy it is to replace the parts which are readily available at online stores. A replacement razor will not be needed for a while.

The Edwin Jagger is top quality and safe to use. It does not only work well for sensitive skin but it’s perfect for all skin types. The Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl should be your top pick when it comes to shavers as it’s a quality item.

Vikings Blade the Chieftain Safety Razor

41rMv5gtfJL. SL500

The family of Vikings Blade is famous for gifting the world with a high-class chieftain safety razor. From 2015, they worked hard to create a product with great design and a classic look.

Product Highlights:


This razor is made up of premium quality parts. It has a sleek appeal to it. It includes Swedish-manufactured parts. There’s a shiny chrome finish that gives it a classy look. It is designed in such a way that no one can replicate it. It comes in great packaging along with a mirror. I’m sure you will appreciate this Swedish blade.


The use of original high-quality materials when creating this razor makes up 20% of the weight.

Type of blade

It has an efficient system of anti-misalignment which makes sure that the head won’t collapse if the razor doesn’t stay in a straight position while loading the blade. This product has an advanced blade which decreases your load time by up to five seconds when changing the blade.


  • Offer an additional case for traveling
  • Provides a moderate level of aggressiveness
  • Fast replacement of high-quality well-designed blades


  • Owns a butterfly design which is more prone to breaking
  • Comes with a short handle which is never an ideal option for people with big hands

Bottom Line:

As far as safety is concerned the Vikings Blade Chieftain has got you covered. People often dislike the marketing strategies which the company uses as many think that it is a cheap way of portraiting the product and instead the company should work more on the improvement of the razor itself.

The issue about the improvement often concerns those who do not know how to use a razor. The razor has high-performance capability if you know how to use it correctly.

The best thing about buying this razor is that when you buy one you will have an original design that isn’t duplicated. It’s a very easy-to-use shaver even for someone who’s never used it before. Get the chieftain razor for a great and simple shaving experience.

Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor, Model AS-D2

51uCJt7aUYL. SL500

In 1932, Feather Company was established in Japan, and since then, it has been known for manufacturing high-quality local products. Over time, the company expanded its offerings, and its razors soon became a dominant product. Their commitment to quality ensures that using their razors will provide you with an enjoyable experience, and you won’t feel the need to replace them anytime soon.

Product Highlights:


For those who value classiness in their shaver, the 316 stainless steel option is the perfect choice. With a practical design consisting of three uniquely crafted pieces and a comb, this product ensures a stylish and well-designed look. Additionally, it guarantees high performance and functionality, making it an excellent choice for those who don’t want to compromise on both form and function.

Length and weight

The standard length of this shaving blade is perfect for those with larger hands, measuring around 3.9 inches. Its medium weight contributes to its great balance, making it one of the best shaving blades available. This balance allows for easy usage in any spot, further solidifying its position as a top-quality blade.


This razor is designed to provide a safe and easy shaving experience. The distance between the blade and comb is significant, making it difficult to be considered an aggressive razor. This design allows for shaving at steeper angles without the risk of getting cut.

Also, it is ideal for those with sensitive skin, providing a silky-smooth shave without any irritation or redness. You can trust this product to provide a gentle yet effective shave, with a slim chance of getting a cut or discomfort.


  • No comparison in its appearance and functionality
  • It has a stainless steel finish which is the most durable in the market
  • Aligning the blaze can be done in seconds


  • It is much more costly than other razors
  • Not a great option to consider if you have a thick beard

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for the ultimate shaving experience, look no further than this one-of-a-kind razor. Its quality and functionality are unmatched, providing an unparalleled shaving experience. Made of stainless steel, it’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly durable. You won’t have to constantly replace it, making it a one-time investment that could last a lifetime. If you’re the type of person who values a good investment with great returns, this product is definitely worth considering.

This shaver provides both elegance and smooth results, so this might be the perfect choice for you. It’s gentle on the skin, without causing any irritation. However, if you have a thick beard, it might not be the best option for you.

Parker 96R – Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 blades

51S9BOifsJL. SL500

Parker 96R has the privilege of being one of the most famous model razors and it’s classy. This well-designed product is an ideal choice for both experienced and new shavers.

Product Highlights:


It has a long handle with a thin diameter so people with short and long hands both get equal ease of use. Like the other traditional razors, it has a mechanism that you need to twist to get it open. The lower part of the handle will need the user to twist it. This way it’s easier to get the blade changed and you only need to hold the side which is not sharp. The handle has texture so it provides a firm grip.

Razor head

The head of the razor is coated with nickel as this makes it resistant to corrosion.


It weighs about 3 ounces which is considered heavy compared to other razors. This is a really good thing because a razor need to be heavier so it can balance well. This makes it much easier to use and helps you achieve that perfectly clean, smooth, and close shave.


  • Ideal in weight (approximately 3 ounces)
  • Best choice for new shavers in terms of aggressiveness
  • Butterfly design enables easier removal of blades


  • Warranty issues are not dealt with quickly because it is harder to reach the company
  • Butterfly design has closing issues
  • Needs extra care or else the chrome chips away with time

Bottom Line:

While this product may lack some of the design features of other versions, it still provides excellent functionality. Unlike newer versions that have detailing directly on the handle, the texture on this product is separate. However, it still contains all of the essential materials necessary for a basic razor, and it’s suitable for a clean, close shave.

If you can use this product, it’s a great cost-effective option at a lower price point compared to others. So, why not take advantage of this affordable choice?

Factors to take into account when purchasing a safety razor

It’s crucial to make the right choices when selecting a razor that suits your needs. You should take certain factors into account to ensure that you choose the ideal razor that meets your requirements. This review emphasizes the importance of considering these factors before finalizing your decision.

  • Design: When choosing a razor, it’s important to consider the design and which one suits your needs best. There are four basic designs, the butterfly head, one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece. Each design offers different functionality based on its manufacturing. The three-piece design is a common choice among users, while the one-piece design offers a perfect rotation of the head. So, it’s essential to find a razor that meets your needs and has the type of design that you’re looking for.
  • Double-Edged: This term often gets confused but there is nothing special about it. Double-edge just means you can shave with both sides of the blade.
  • Price: It’s important to keep in mind the price when selecting a razor. Although people tend to buy razors that fit their budget, it’s crucial to find the right balance between price and features. If you’re new to shaving, you might prefer a cheaper razor, but it’s important to remember that low prices often reflect low quality. You should never compromise on safety and choose the cheapest option available because it may cause harm. It’s best to go for a moderately priced razor and test it to see if it meets your standards. If you’re not satisfied, you can always upgrade later.
  • Handle: The choice of length boils down to personal requirements. It depends on the person’s hand size. People with large hands prefer large handle sizes but a few complain that it can be too awkward to use, consider doing what’s best for you. Even people with larger hands find it easier to grip a smaller handle. After all, get the razor that feels comfortable in your hand. The length of the handle may make it harder to keep the razor clean. Always pay attention to what material the handle is made out of. The handle should have a rough texture because a smooth surface will easily slip out of your hands and it the razor won’t perform well if your hands are wet. You can also go with a handle that is covered with rubber as well.
  • Weight: Remember the weight of your razor directly affects how smooth of a shave it gives. So, it’s better to choose a razor with a heavier handle. Also, the weight of the razor is responsible for the pressure that gets applied to your face. Too much pressure increases the chances of getting cut. 
  • Edge of the Safety Razor: If you’re in the market for a new razor, it’s important to consider the type you want. There are two main types: single-edge and double-edged. Each offers unique functionality, so it’s crucial to choose the right one for your needs. Keep in mind that the type of razor you use will affect the closeness of your shave. Traditional single-edge razors are thicker and more aggressive, but they can be hard to find nowadays. If you’re looking for a more flexible option, a double-edged razor may be the way to go. This type of razor allows you to use both sides of the blade and is less sharp than a single-edge, but it still provides a quick and efficient shave.
  • The Razor Head: When choosing a razor, you have the option of either a stable razor head or an adjustable one. Your choice will depend on the level of safety you’re looking for. If you opt for an adjustable head, you can customize the angle to suit your preferred shaving style. It’s important to choose a razor with a well-balanced blade, as this will ensure that there are no gaps during your shave.
  • Aggressiveness: When selecting a razor, it’s important to consider its aggressiveness. Using a razor that’s too aggressive can result in painful nicks and cuts. Look for a razor that’s gentle on your skin and lightweight.
  • Type of hair: You can’t just use any razor. You have to consider your hair and skin type. If you have thick and tough hair then go with a razor that has a sharper blade. On the other hand, people with soft hair should use a medium blade option.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Do I need to know the market?

You can go with the choices this review provides or alternatively you can do more research online before buying a shaving razor. Just don’t compromise your safety over the price.

Q: Should I take recommendations from people?

This review presented you with six options and several ways to narrow down the list. You will have to according to your choice get any one of them selected. Every person has different skin so you will get different reviews.

Q: Should I Use a Shaving Oil or Cream with Safety Razor?

You can use any as both allow the razor to easily glide through.

Q: Will a Safety Razor Prevent Ingrown Hair or Razor Burn?

Yes, the razor will eliminate these possibilities.

Q: How Long Does the Safety Razor Last?

After ten shaves, it also depends on the type of razor you are using.

Q: Will it cut my face?

Different people have different skin types and it’s crucial to choose a razor that matches your skin to prevent skin damage.

Final Verdict

Having the right tools can make all the difference in achieving great results, whether you’re shaving your face or painting a canvas. In a recent review, the Merkur adjustable safety razor was ranked as the best option available. This razor guarantees a smooth and comfortable shave, and it offers top-of-the-line features at an affordable price.

Its durability is impressive, and you won’t find any flaws in its design or construction. Another excellent option is the Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor, Model AS-D2. While it may be more expensive, it’s a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking a high-quality and long-lasting razor. It’s simple to use and provides a close and comfortable shave every time. Ultimately, both of these options are excellent choices, so you can’t go wrong with either one.

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