Best Safety Razor For Men – Ultimate Buyers’ Guide

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No matter how well bearded you are, you must have felt the need of a perfect shaving. Whether the purpose is of trimming or grooming up your facial hair, you will surely love the ideal razor for yourself.

You must have encountered several choices in the selection of razor whether they are electrical or of any other type. So this review comes to the rescue and boils down to top six picks for the year 2021.

Top 6 best safety razor Comparison Chart

This comparison chart at a glance gifts you a rough idea about the differences in each type of razor. This provides an accurate picture for your ease which you can consider when making up your mind.

Comparison Chart

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor
31jvua7 svL. SL500
Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, Chrome, Regular Handle, 5 blades
41rMv5gtfJL. SL500
VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor (Neutrally Aggressive)
51uCJt7aUYL. SL500
Feather Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor AS D2
51S9BOifsJL. SL500
Parker 96R – Long Handle Butterfly Open Safety Razor & 5 Parker Premium Platinum Double Edge Razor blades

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

Merkur is in business for more than thirty years and from then they have not disappointed the user in providing the unique high-quality user. They offer unprecedented experience to users when it comes to razors especially through a model of Merkur long handled safety razor.

These products are manufactured in Solingen, Germany thus you can grab the idea that what sort of high-quality craft these grooming razors have to offer.Product Highlights:

Design and make

This Merkur long handled safety razor offers the user with a great grip owing to the length of the handle. It is designed in such a way that it could fit comfortably in the man’s hands and the unique style makes sure that you experience no pain when cleaning. It is designed in such a sleek way that it looks very stylish to an onlooker. The chromatic finish retains the simplicity of the razor. You will be offered the pool of choices where you can pick from. You can get a satin chrome or gold plated one as this depends completely on your choice.


With a heavyweight, Merkur long handled safety razors allows a person to experience a solid feel which enables the shaving task to be completed with utmost ease.

Smooth Shave

It owns a double edge razor which makes sure that one achieves an extremely smooth finish after the shave. With the high-quality razor, you are guaranteed the clean shave without any sign of irritation. You will never complain about the redness around as it provides a close shave. Thus if you have a super sensitive skin then this razor is ideal for you. It surely provides an evenly clean shave. Never shaver will require a certain amount of practice when using this razor but when they will get experienced with time then no other razor can beat the results of a close shave.


  • The long non-slippery handle is ideal for people with bigger hands
  • Highly Durable
  • Within the range of affordability


  • It comes with a single blade
  • Needs more attention to dry out
  • banLess weight of the handle

Bottom Line:

If you prefer the wet shave along with a safe and secure option then you need to go for Merkur long handle safety razor. If you are in love with the excellent grip then avail this option. It has an appreciable balance thus it is much easier to use. If you are willing to buy the best in the market then avail this offer of getting a very close and evenly smooth face. For the overall enjoyable experience while removing the facial hairs you need to get this cheap affordable option.

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

31jvua7 svL. SL500

Edwin Jagger has produced some of the finest razors in the world along with the new exciting shaving products. It is packed with a classic high-quality design within an affordable range.

Product Highlights:

Comfortable working experience

This product offers a very comfortable experience while shaving. It delivers a very smooth and clean close shave. The replacement of the blade is not an issue, as it is a low-cost work. The parts are ways easier to clean and replace. Well experienced designers have styled the blade so sleekly that anyone can fall for the offered simplicity. The chrome finish makes sure that it delivers a higher level of sophistication which doesn’t corrode away any time soon. Weight and grip

You won’t find the razor quite heavy as it offers an accurate balance at a comfortable level. Thus, this becomes extremely easy to use and efficient. You will find that wet shavers whether completely new or experienced ones both will experience no difficulty level during the shave. It owns a chrome handle of solid brass which makes a wet grip quite easier. Effective for sensitive skin

If you own a super sensitive skin then this is the best choice. You won’t have to deal with the everyday cuts or other signs of irritation if you will make use of this product. This achieves the ability to grant you a scar-free skin due to the excellent balance it offers. Any skin type must try those out because of the precision level the head of razor offers. If you have ever witnessed the shave achieved by straight razors in old times then you will be easily able to compare the results. It owns an incomparable shaving head which provides the results similar to the razor with the straight cut throat.

You are immune from the cuts because this model is manufactured in a solid way such that only a little-applied pressure goes a long way. Just apply a bit of pressure and you will be free from all sorts of nicks. The best thing other than a reduction in cuts is the minimization of ingrown hairs.


  • Provides a very close shave
  • Owns a great balance
  • Offers a head that can be fitted to any De blade


  • Head can be detached from the neck if one drops
  • banA bit costly 
  • banShort handle for shaving other parts of the body.

Bottom Line:

Even though this razor is expensive but bear in mind that it is a one-time investment, and it lasts longer than the other razors. You won’t have to get new razors each time and spend heavy amount. The best thing is the ease of replacements part which is readily available with ease. The replacement will not be needed for quite a few years.

Other than this, it offers top quality when it comes to safety. It does not only suit the sensitive skin but this choice is a perfect pick for all sort of skin type. The Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl must be you pick if you value quality items.

Vikings Blade the Chieftain Safety Razor

41rMv5gtfJL. SL500

The family of Vikings Blade is famous for gifting the world with high-class chieftain safety razor. From 2015, they worked their sweat off in producing great designs with a classical quality.

Product Highlights:


As the product is only composed of premium quality materials then this owes to its sleek appeal. It is saturated with sophistication because of its Swedish manufactured components. With the additional coat of shiny chrome, the product displays its unique classiness. It is designed in such a way that no one can ever replicate the originality. It comes in great packaging along with a mirror. One will never fail to appreciate a complimentary gift within the package which is Swedish blades.Weight

One will appreciate the level of heaviness which contributes just about 20%.this percentage results from the source of using only original top quality materials for the construction instead of the mass products which have no quality control checks imposed. This percentage of heaviness makes sure that the balance remains accurate. With a great optimization in weight, the strokes which are formed at an angle of 30 becomes a piece of cake and the act becomes effortless.

Type of blade

It has an efficient system of anti-misalignment which makes sure that the head won’t collapse if razor deviates from a straight position while loading the blade. The product has an advanced blade which minimizes your time to up to five seconds only when changing the blade.


  • Offers additional case for traveling
  • Offer a moderate level of aggressiveness
  • Fast replacement of high-quality well-designed blades


  • Owns a butterfly design which is more prone to breakage
  • banOffers a short handle which is never an ideal option for people with huge hands.

Bottom Line:

As far as safety is concerned that Vikings Blade Chieftain has got you covered. People often dislike the marketing strategies which the razor uses as many think that it is a cheap way and instead the company should work more in the improvement of the razor itself. The issue in the improvement often concerns those who are not well aware of the procedure to use the safety razor. The high performance is only guaranteed if you get the actual way of using it. In no matter of time, the razor will result in a clean and smooth shave.

The best thing about buying this razor is that you will use the original copy as the design is very hard to duplicate. Its ease of use is incomparable thus never hesitate to buy it if you are a new and completely inexperienced shaver. Get chieftain for a simple shaving experience.

Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor, Model AS-D2

51uCJt7aUYL. SL500

Feather Company has its origin from Japan which came into the market world in the year 1932. The company owns a great record in the manufacture of domestic local products over which they expanded. Their razors product soon got the dominance which increased their quality further. You will surely enjoy the experience such that it will remove any further need of getting the new one. Product Highlights:


It is the most classical option because it is composed of 316 stainless steel. It offers a practical design with 3 uniquely designed pieces along with a comb. If you can’t afford any sort of compromise in the classiness of the shaver then you need to buy this well-designed stylish product. Along with the design it guarantees high performance in the functionality.

Length and weight

It gets manufactured in a standard length which is perfect for a large hand. It is around 3.9 inches in length which makes it ideal for usage at any spot. It has a great balance owing to its medium weight. Due to its excellent balance, it is categorized under the best shaving blades.


There is a great distance between the blade and the comb because of which it is impossible to consider it a quite an aggressive razor. You can avail the opportunity to get the shave done on steeper angles without getting any cut. You will experience quite an easy movement between chin and neck due to the design of this product.

If you own a sensitive skin and thus you hesitate to try out different razors then don’t crease your forehead as this product is best and ideal for sensitive skinned people. You will surely experience quite a silk face after getting your shave done. Your sensitive skin will feel great right after the shave without any signs of irritation or redness around. Forget the cuts all over your face as this product doesn’t provide higher aggressiveness.


  • No comparison in its appearance and functionality
  • Owns a finishing of stainless steel which is the most durable in the market
  • Aligning the blaze can be achieved in seconds.


  • It is much more costly than other razors
  • banNot a great option to consider if one owns a thick beard

Bottom Line:

There assail no hole of doubt that it is an unprecedented razor in terms of the quality and functionality. One cannot get any better shaving experience. The stainless steel offers an epic piece of beauty which is not only appealing but longer in durability. You won’t have to buy the razors more often and this can be the first and last one which you might have bought in your lifetime. If you are the type of person who believes in one time good investment with great turn then this product is surely for you.

One can absolutely fall for the elegance it provides along with smoother results. Your skin will never get irritation symptom if you choose this product. If you own quite a thick beard then you will have to consider thinking twice as this is not an ideal option for you then.

Parker 96R – Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 blades

51S9BOifsJL. SL500

Parker 96R owns the privilege of being one of the most famous model owing to its classiness. This well-designed product is an ideal choice for both experienced and new shavers.

Product Highlights:


It has the long handle with a thin diameter so people with short and long hands both get equal ease in use. Like the other traditional razors, it owns the mechanism of needing to a twist to get open. The lower part of the handle will only require the user to twist. By this way, it becomes extremely easy, as a user only hold the side which is not sharp enough. One can be assured that there will be no trouble when seeking a firm grip as a handle is textured.

Razor head

The head of the razor is perfectly coated with nickel as this coat makes it resistant to any corrosion.


It weighs about 3 ounces which can be marked as a heavyweight when compared with the other razors. One must understand the fact that in order for the razor to achieve a proper balance, the razor has to have a heavyweight. Only if the balance is accurate enough, then the user can achieve the perfectly clean, smooth and close shave.


  • Ideal in weight (approximately 3 ounces)
  • Best choice for new shavers in terms of aggressiveness
  • Butterfly design enables easier removal of blades


  • Warranty issues are not dealt timely owing to no company contact
  • Butterfly design has closing issues
  • Needs extra care else chrome chips away with time

Bottom Line:

This product lacks few features which were expected out of it. The other versions provide much more improvement in design. Other newer version is textured in a different way such that detailing is provided over the surface handle itself. Whereas in this product the texture is imposed on the handle separately. But despite all these concern, one cannot doubt the excellent functionality it provides. It has all those important materials which are necessary for the basic razor. It has a suitable aggressiveness which ensures that the user gets proper and clean shave which is very close.

If you actually know how to deftly use it then you should surely avail this option. At this price, it is extremely cheap than the other ones. What else do you want as a best cost-effective option?

Shaveology Double Edge Razor for Men

Shaveology has settled its goal in providing the user with the perfectly hygienic product along with a top-notch quality. There can be no gift greater than the lifetime guarantee which Shavelogy offers. They are so committed in their high standard work which gets reflected through their models like Shaveology Double Edge Razor for MenProduct Highlights:


It offers a three-piece design which is connected through a bolt which you need to twist for handling. Such designs are manufactured at comparatively quite a low price. Thus, you won’t have to worry about the assembly a lot. The outlook of the handle is very appealing with chrome finish yet smooth, so be extra careful when dealing it with wet conditions. So be prudent else the handle will slip off in damp situations.


As far as the aggressiveness of the blade is concerned then it is not quite aggressive. This is because the blade never gets exposed very frequently. One may mark its aggressiveness to just 50%. It thus becomes ideal for the new shavers.


This offers an ideal razor size which is great for the people who have average hands. You won’t require the extra need of the blade as it has five present in the kit itself. The packaging will leave you astounded.


  • Offers a guarantee of 90 days
  • Very cost-effective option
  • Highly durable


  • Owns quite a smooth handle thus higher chances of slipping
  • Offers the acrylic finish which has the tendency to wear away with time
  • Issues regarding the quality control where the thread is big so harder to remove

Bottom Line:

If you are the one who wants to fall in love with the packaging then this product gifts you that happiness. It is present inside a white box which owns a manual inside. The manual is super easy and clear to understand. The best thing about the top quality packaging is that you won’t even feel the need of wrapping paper to present it as a gift. Inside the package, you are sure to find the microfiber towel coupled with a leather cover for keeping blades. This product takes care of the affordability level of the common men as they believe that high-quality products must be available to all. This equal opportunity makes the product surpass all the other qualities. The price is extremely reasonable according to the features it offers. The pros are much more useful than they easily negate the effect of the cons. Why not take advantage of such an opportunity where you are given the opportunity of the refund if you don’t like the product?

Factors to take into account when purchasing a safety razor

This review stress on the importance of making right choices according to your needs. You need to consider certain factors before finalizing any razor. These factors will ensure that you chose the ideal and perfect razor for yourself which meets your requirement.

  • Design: You need to dig deeper into the design and see which design suits you the best. There are four common and basics designs like butterfly head, one piece, two, and three-piece. Each design offers different functionality because it is manufactured in that way. Among these mentioned options you need to understand the fact that three-piece design is fairly common among the users. One piece design basically offers a perfect rotation of the head. So you may match your need and then jump straight to the type of design which will suit you the best.
  • Double-Edged: This term often gets confused whereas there is nothing fancy in this term. People should realize that double edge can shave from both sides of the blade.
  • Price: One cannot stress the importance of the price enough. People will always buy razors according to their budget, but it is exceedingly vital to understand the importance of matching the price with the features. If you are completely an inexperienced user then it is highly probable that you prefer razors with cheap price. But you must understand that in most cases quality gets reflected through the prices. It will not be hard to differentiate between a low and high-quality razor. You must never go for the cheapest option in the selection of razor as after all your safety is vital. Never risk anything on the cost of your safety else you will land up with a scar filled face. Moderate price razor can be tested and judged if its features qualify your standards or not. You always have the option to upgrade later if you are not satisfied.
  • checkHandle: The choice of length narrows down to the personal requirement. It depends on the person’s hand size. People with large hands prefer large handle size but few often complain that it becomes way too awkward to use, thus one needs to suit themselves. Even people with larger hands often find it quite easier to grip the smaller handle. In the end get the razor which feels comfortable in hand. Length of the handle plays a pivotal role in the cleanliness you will achieve with your razor. Always pay attention to the material of the handle. It must have a rough texture as the smooth surface will slip off your hands and it will perform worst in the damp conditions. You can also go with the handle which is covered with rubber.
  • checkWeight: One has to realize that weight is directly proportional to the balance and an excellent balance is the cause of smooth shave. Thus, it is quite preferable for the razor to have a heavyweight. The weight is responsible for the pressure which gets applied to the face. If you will apply the wrong pressure then there are high chances of the cuts. 
  • checkEdge of the Safety Razor: You need to consider the razor type from the pool of two. There is single edge razor and other is the double-edged one. They offer slightly different functionality thus you need to be very careful which one to use and when. Remember that the type of razor determines the close shaving thus be prudent in this regard. A traditional razor offers a single edge which is much thicker and aggressive in functionality. But you won’t find a lot of single edge razors nowadays. If you are looking for razor which is much more flexible then you will need to use the double-edged razor. You can use the blade of this razor type from both the sides. You must bear in mind that this double-edged is not much sharp in nature but despite that, it consumes less time for shaving.
  • checkThe Razor Head: It is completely your choice to get a razor with stable razor head or the adjusting one. The idea of selecting razor head is connected with the level of safety level. If you are going for the adjustable head then upon your choice you can fit the head at several angles according to the type of your preferred shave. Get the razor which balances the blade well, as it ensures that there are no gaps in between. 
  • checkAggressiveness: You must take care of the aggressiveness of the razor. As if you get the razor of an unsuitable aggressiveness then you will paint your face red with scares. Bear in mind that you have to select a razor which will be light and gentle to your skin.
  • checkType of hair: You can choose a razor which anyone refers you, as the razor works differently for each skin type. If you own thick and tough hair then go for the razors which have the sharper blades of the razors. Whereas people who have soft hair must go for medium blade options.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Do I need to know the market?

You can go with the choices which this review provide or alternatively you can research the market fully before buying a shaving razor. Just don’t compromise your safety over the price and make any decision.

Q: Shall I take recommendations from people?

This review presented you with six options and several ways to narrow down the list. You will have to according to your choice get any one of them selected. Every person has different skin so you will get different reviews.

Q: Should I Use a Shave Oil or Cream with Safety Razor?

You can use any as both allows the razor to easily glide through.

Q: Will a Safety Razor Prevent Ingrown Hair or Razor Burn?

Yes, the razor will eliminate these possibilities.

Q: How Long Does the Safety Razor Last?

After ten shaves, but it also depends on the type of razor you are using.

Q: Will it cut my face?

Every person has different skin so make sure the aggressiveness is according to your skin in order to prevent any skin damage.

Final Verdict

If you have the best tools for doing anything in the world then you will achieve the most accomplished results whether it is the best razor for face or brush for canvas. According to this review, Merkur adjustable safety razor crawled up to the top position. You can never fail in shaving if you will make use of this razor. As this razor makes sure you get the best features and even that within the affordability rate. From its handle till its every other part, you will pile up no complain in your head. One must not consider that it is a hype but one must know that this option is far more durable then you think. The second option which you may consider buying is the Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor, Model AS-D2. This may be beyond the affordability level of many but this is a long-term lifetime investment where quality shave is guaranteed. You will get the smooth shave and even that with a simple and easier use. So you can go with either option.

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