Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Men’s Electric Razor

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Men’s Electric Razor – Review

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This is the best shaver that is trusted by men. It is known for its simple, intuitive design and delivers outstanding performance.

The shaver offers intuitive strokes and so you don’t have to repeat the same spot twice. It is designed to reduce skin irritation and feels smooth on skin.

The shaver has specialized cutting elements which are pressure sensitive. It is protected by SensoFoil to ensure you get a clean and close shave without experiencing skin irritation.

The shaver is designed in Germany for a perfect quality that you can feel. This shaver is tough on beard but smooth on skin.

The product is designed for men who want the best shavers for their beard. If you want to enjoy a smooth shave without repeating shaving the same spot, then let this product be yours. Men will benefit a lot from this shaver since you’ll never come across skin irritation.

The product is specifically designed for men. The cost of this shaver is pocket-friendly but its shaving performances are amazing. Its advanced shaving elements will make even beginners find it easy to use the shaver effortlessly.

It has pressure sensitive blades which will automatically retract to protect your skin. Even when you have never used an electric shaver, using this product is just as simple as one… Two… Three…

If you’re ready to purchase the shaver, then the product comes with the entire necessary things you need to shave smoothly.

What is in the box is Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Men’s Electric Razor and;

– Cleaning brush
– A smart plug which is great for automatic 100-240 voltage adjustment
– Protective cap

Product features

– Micro comb technology: This technology will enable your shaver to catch more hair and enable you to complete shaving even with one stroke. You can now shave faster and safely with this well-designed men shaver. This is the best shaver that will give you great skin comfort while shaving.

– Advanced shaving: With the three specialized shaving elements which work together, you’re going to have a close and gentle shave. You don’t have to worry about the ultra-sharp blades because the patented SensoFoil will protect your skin while shaving

– Skin sensitivity: The pressure sensitive blades will automatically retract and ensure that your skin is protected while shaving. Get this electric shaver and enjoy a gentle shave, as well as, a smooth skin feeling

– LED display: The premium battery means that you can take the shaver anywhere you wish and shave your hair. You’ll only charge your tool for five minutes and then use it for one shave. It has LED display that will notify you when you’re supposed to charge your stuff

– Intelligent design: The shaver has a thin precision head that will let your husband to easily shave hard-to-reach areas like under his nose

– Shaver is 100% waterproof: With this shaver, you can shave anywhere you wish up to five meters deep. This is the shaver you can take to the beach or swimming pool and abuse it. Afterward, you’ll rinse your tool under running water

– Built-in precision: The shaver has an extra-large precision trimmer on the back of the shaver that will enable your husband to shape his sideburns and trim his beards prior to shaving


– The shaver offers a very close shave which is smooth on the skin and afterward there’s no skin irritation at all
– It is capable of capturing all of the hair very well. With only one stroke, you’re able to shave everything and so no need of repeating the same spot twice
– You don’t have to use any shaving cream which is a great bonus. You can shave dry and this will let you save time, as well as, money
– Cleaning and maintaining the shaver is a breeze. This will enable your shaver last longer and long-run save you money
– The long-lasting battery is very effective and great for shaving when you’re on move or camping


– When you’re shaving, you need to be patient since you might end up stretching your skin
– Trimming blade need good care to the last longer

Wrap up:

With a shaver like this with you, then you are sure that your shaving is never going to be a bother to you. You don’t need to worry of anything because it has been designed with the best features that always ensure that your needs are first. It won’t scratch any area that you will shave, thanks to the precision ability that it has.


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