Braun Series 7 vs. 9: Which One Should You Buy?

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Braun is a German-based company famously known for its high quality consumer products.

Since they feature several high quality devices choosing the one that best suits you can be tricky.

Due to this fact, we will be discussing which product is the best one, the Braun series 7 or the Braun series 9. This is a question most men tend to ask themselves, and we will answer it in today’s article.

There has been a bit of confusion among shaving enthusiasts since the launch of Braun’s new flagship shaver, Braun Series 9. Most people are not sure if they should pick series 9 or series 7. 

To avoid any confusion we are going to compare the Braun series 7 versus series 9 and present all the features and options you should be aware of from an unbiased and objective point of view.

By the end of the article, you’ll know when you should choose a specific series over the other and whether it is ideal for you to upgrade to series 9 from series 7. 

Direct comparison

Series 7




Clean Station

Shave Modes



Only Dry shave





Both Wet and Dry shaves





Only Dry shave





Both Wet and Dry shaves




7893s new model

Both Wet and Dry shaves




7865cc new model

Both Wet and Dry shaves




7898cc new model

Both Wet and Dry shaves





Both Wet and Dry shaves





Only Dry shave





Both Wet and Dry shaves




Series 9




Clean Station



Only Dry shave




Both Wet and Dry shaves




Both Wet and Dry shaves



9290cc new model

Both Wet and Dry shaves



9295cc new model

Both Wet and Dry shaves



9293s new model

Both Wet and Dry shaves



9269s new model

Both Wet and Dry shaves



You should note that Braun series 9 does not feature shaving or personalized modes unlike its counterpart series 7.

However, it automatically adjusts its power in accordance with the hair density.

Quick overview of features integrated into the Braun Series 7 and Series 9 

Braun is well-known for producing high quality products both for newbies and experts alike.

Both Series 7 and Series 9 are equipped with incredible unique features that make them stand out from other electrical shaving machines. 

Nevertheless, each model in both series 7 and 9 has unique features that are either added or removed. And the models have various colors to choose from.

Despite having different unique features, the shaving performance is identical in both series.

Therefore, we will not be comparing specific models; rather, we will be focusing on comparing the whole series as one.

Are you with me so far?


Braun Series 9 is said to beat series 7 when it comes to comfort; however, when it comes to speed, series 9 is the clear winner by far.

If you are looking for an electric shaver that is extremely fast, then the Braun series 9 will be best for you. Series 9 cuts effortlessly with incredible speed. 

If you are somebody with coarse hair, Braun series 9 will offer you a smooth and super fast shave with no problem.

Series 9 shaving block flexing capability is equal to that of series 7. Despite it being a simple setup, having a shaving head that moves a single plane up and down is super effective.

What’s more, series 7 features adjustable speed which aids in preventing redness and irritation for individuals with sensitive skin. You can either adjust the speed in 3 to 5 stages depending on your preference.

However, series 9 features SyncroSonic rather than adjustable speed. With SyncroSonic the shaver will self-adjust according to the density of your hair. 


Both series operate using a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery takes one hour to recharge fully on both versions.

Also, you have a quick charge option as well that will offer you ample battery power ideal for a single shave with a charging time of only five minutes.

On a full charge, the battery will last for approximately 50 minutes which is perfect for several shaves.

Material quality:

The Braun series 7 is known for being a quality product and is ergonomically made for a good shave.

Braun offers equipment that is user-friendly with a simple and innovative design. Unlike its counterpart, series 7 features a more understated design, which makes it look more lackluster when compared to series 9.

Other than some glossy variations series 7 is equipped with a matte treatment on the surface of its plastic. 

However, the series 7 is a well-constructed piece of equipment with a chunky body which makes it easy to hold and shave with.

The back of it has a rubberized material that helps in improving the grip. Since it has been around for a while the series 7 design feels classier. 

On the other hand, series 9 is said not to be a better quality product. Because the body is entirely made from plastic that has a glossy finish.

The Braun Series 9 model 9290cc also features a matte and frosted finish, which is ideal for handling smudges as well as fingerprints way better. 


The Braun Series 7 features a shaving head that is small and has a graceful feeling while shaving spots that are a bit tricky, such as sideburns or upper lip.

On the other hand, series 9 is better when compared to series 7. Fortunately, it is ergonomically well made since the blade feels perfectly balanced and lightweight while shaving. Because of that, it has an excellent and secure grip, and it has a rubber insert in the back of it.


It’s very important to have a shaver that is lightweight so the Braun series 9 is bulkier when compared to series 7. This is because of its extra cutting elements.

However, it is an incredibly manageable electric shaver with four blades, and its weight is something most shaving enthusiasts can get used quickly. 


Series 7 features an LCD screen located at the bottom of the unit and it helps in displaying battery charge as well as the hygiene level of a foil.

But, series 9 does not feature an LCD screen at the bottom of the unit; nevertheless, they placed it at the front of the unit. Unlike series 7, the series 9 LCD screen displays battery charge, travel lock position, and hygiene level.

Travel case

Both series 7 and 9 models are equipped with a travel case. These cases aid in holding the shavers, dry cleaning brushes as well as power cords. This makes it easy for you to move around with your razor at any time. 

Wet and dry shaving

Both Braun Series 7 and Series 9 feature different models that are designed to be dry shaved only while others are certified as wet or dry shaving machines.

A wet or dry shaving machine can be used either in a shower or with a gel or a foam. You should note that there is no need for using foam or gel if not required.

Though, if you do, make sure to clean the gel and foam from your foil before you place it in your unit.

Cleaning station

When it comes to a cleaning station both series offer them in all models. Still, the Braun series 9 cleaning station is much smaller and more user-friendly.

The unit charges and cleans using a single button. And it operates using a fan that aids in drying alcohol solution ahead of use. The drying process will take approximately 40 minutes.

Vice versa, the Braun series 7 cleaning station functions using an induction heater which helps in drying solutions and runs quietly. Unlike series 9, the series 7 cleaning station dries a razor within 15 minutes.

While they might look similar you cannot use a series 7 cleaning station in cleaning a series 9 and conversely.


Braun Series 7 is the most popular electric shaver, and the main reason for this is its incredible shaving performance.

Series 7 features high-quality micro foil along with sharp blades ideal for middle trimming and is known as the best electric shaver ever to exist. The best part is that series 7 features high precision cutting unlike its counterpart series 9.

With series 7 you are guaranteed a smooth and close shave. According to most shaving enthusiasts, it meets up to its reputation.

When you shave one side of your face with a series 7 and the other side with a series 9, it will be hard to see a difference.

Still, series 9 might have a slight advantage. Getting a close shave with it will require less work since it works much faster. However, the end result will be close to identical.


Braun Series 7 has been the benchmark of comfort for several years. Micro-pulsation was a feature that made Series 7 feel like a gentle massage as the shaving head remained cool while shaving.

Let’s not forget there is a comfort during shaving. Series 7 is equipped with a 3 to 5-speed setting, which allows someone to alter power output from high intensity to low intensity.

When shaving using a low-speed setting you will not experience any noticeable change in comfort it will just be a much slower shave.

Unlike series 9, series 7 is gentle on the skin and uses high intensity every shave. This is why it’s highly recommended.

When compared with shavers in this price range series 7 is by far the most comfortable shaver available on the market.

For a barely noticeable improvement when it comes to comfort, you should consider trying the Braun series 9.

When designing series 9 Braun decided to get rid of speed settings and focused on making the shaving experience more comfortable.

This reveals that series 7 shaving speed settings were not necessarily required.

The foils in series 9 remain cool while in use, and they are incredibly gentle on your skin.

According to most shaving enthusiasts, series 9 is by far the most comfortable electrical shaver available in today’s market.

If you are a man with skin irritation issues then series 9 will be the best electric shaver for you.

This electric shaver is exceptionally comfortable and smooth while in use, and you can operate it by applying excess pressure if wanted which is often not the case with most electric shavers.  

Braun redesigned the shaving head of this electric shaver by adding an additional trimmer that assists in lifting hairs that are lying flat.

What’s more, the number of strokes is reduced significantly, it shaves through with utmost ease and stability, and it reduces the chances of skin irritation as well as razor burn.

So series 9 is the winner so far due to its ease of use and how much smoother and more comfortable it is in comparison to 7.


When purchasing either the cc or the s model, you may or may not receive a cleaning station depending on whether is included in your purchase.

In addition, to the cleaning station when you purchase a series 7 you’ll receive a travel pouch, a smart plug power cord, and a dry cleaning brush.

On the other hand, when you buy a series 9 you’ll receive a dry cleaning brush, a travel case, a smart plug power cord as well as a charging stand.

What is the Purchasing Price of the Braun Series 7 and Series 9?

The Braun Series 7 is a much better value for the money than the series 9. Not only is the purchase price cheaper but so is the price of owning the equipment over time. Also, consider that the price of the Braun series 7 may continue to decrease because it’s an older model have been out on the market for a while.

Here are some running costs to consider. The following items may need to be replaced. The shaving heads, also known as cassettes, and the cleaning cartridge, which is only featured in models that have clean and renew station. Usually, the entire cleaning cartridges are equal; however, they feature different running costs due to head replacements.

Despite the rise in prices for Braun series 7 replacement cassettes as of late they still remain to be the most affordable when compared to the parts for Series 9. If you are someone on a tight budget and would like to reduce running costs then Braun Series 7 will be the best value for you. 

Comparing Braun Series 7 vs. 9

Being the leader in an array of electric shavers, Braun has become famous for delivering razors that do a great job of cutting beards. It is also known for many positive customer reviews.

Braun series 7 and series 9 are equipped with similar features. And choosing the one that best suits your needs will entirely depend on what you are looking for. Nevertheless, both series have very close shaving performance.

Some of the differences between the two series include; price range, shaving modes, and weight among others. 

You will need a machine with a powerful motor to get an incredibly close and great shave. And one of the most significant differences between the two is their cutting ability.

Braun Series 7 features 30,000 cutting action while Braun series 9 features a cutting action of 40,000.

Therefore, if you are looking for a machine that shaves neat and offers a close shave, then series 9 will be best for you; however, you should keep in mind that series 7 offers a close and neat shave as well. 

Series 7 vs. 9 user experience 

How an electric shaver performs is an essential aspect of purchasing decisions. How well does the shaver shaves? How fast can it shave? These are critical questions you must answer before buying an electric shaver.

Shaving time

Braun Series 9 features a distinct advantage when it comes to shaving time. Most men might consider series 7 to be fast enough; however, series 9 is way faster than series 7.

With its extra cutting edge, series 9 shaves way more efficiently when compared to series 7 single edge.

The best part is that you will shave way faster with series 9 without worrying about skin irritation or pulling of the hair.

Shaving head

The series 7 model operates using a three-part head with two foil blades as well as a central cutting edge which is designed to help with lifting hairs and trimming longer hairs making it easier for the foils to work.

The cartridge head of a series 9 includes a titanium-coated HyperLift and a cutting blade ideal for increasing cutting speed and hair density.

Quality of shaving 

In addition to speed, the quality of a shave is vital for men. Series 9 outperforms series 7 slightly; however, this is hard to tell for most individuals without having a side by side shaving comparison.

Both of these series feature cooling coil technology that helps in keeping the cutting blades as well as the foil cold during a shave.

Unlike most electrical shavers series 9 and 7 razors remain cool while shaving. The cooling technology of the series 9 electric shaver is way better when compared to the series 7. Furthermore, you will notice the cooling coils on your face.

Close shaves matter to most men and both Braun shavers will cut your hair to 0.05 millimeters.

Nonetheless, the Braun series 9 is way more efficient as well as faster and offers a closer shave when compared to the 7.

Series 7 vs. 9 build and design 

Braun series 7 has been in the market for an extended period, and it has been redesigned with a significant focus on ergonomics as well as reducing fatigue.

Due to that, series 9 had to do very little in order to improve on the design. All the series 9 chrome models smudge and show fingerprints, and it is extremely difficult to avoid.

With the exception of foil and blade, series 9 is entirely made from plastic, while series 7 models are designed using the metalhead.

Also, the design of series 9 models are bulkier; however, it has better ergonomics and holds well.

The best part is that the weight is well-balanced, and the big surface area offers a quick shave with a reduced number of strokes.


The back of a series 7 is featured with rubber for a reliable and firm grip. This makes it perfect for shaving, even when covered in shaving foam or wet. The same goes for a series 9 model.

You will feel free and safe when shaving with a shaver equipped with a rubber back for a solid grip.

So you will be able to shave effortlessly and be able to maneuver the blade all around the face and neck without concern. A shaver with a reliable grip can help in alleviating irritation as well as hand fatigue.


Both Braun series 7 and series 9 feature a pop-up trimmer that helps in maintaining mustaches and sideburns.

The result of any pop-up trimmer is sub-par; but with several passes, you will be able to get rid of the hair.


Pivoting headlock is one of the significant improvements. Series 7 is said to have issues with its locking mechanism; it breaks easily when locked, and there is too much pressure applied.

On the other hand, series 9 has addressed this issue by getting rid of the locking mechanism and making it super flexible by allowing the head to snap into several different positions.

However, as you move the head in a different position, you will have to apply significant pressure. This is the case with both series.

Series 7 vs 9 maintenance and cleaning 

Unless you prefer having a model that doesn’t feature a charging and cleaning station (which will cost you more) your maintenance will be almost nonexistent.

With a press of a button, your cleaning station will sanitize clean as well as lubricate a cartridge. All that will be required of you is to place your shaver in a cleaning station and then press a button and leave the rest for the station to perform.

After some time, the alcohol base solution will have to be replaced. This is a relatively easy process.

Series 9 features a sleek cleaning station and is activated with a single touch of a button.

Nevertheless, when it comes to drying your shaver, it uses an extremely quiet fan when compared to most fan driers but it still makes some noise. But with series 7 models the device uses heat to dry the shaver. It is faster and silent.  

Moreover, general upkeep refers to removing foam or gel that might be present ahead of you using your cleaning station.

Foam and gel can clog your cleaning station thereby preventing it from functioning at its best. Be certain you keep them out. Series 7 is the clear winner when it comes to maintenance and cleaning because of the low sound and the fast drying after cleaning.

So which version is best? And why should you buy it?

If you are someone who is looking for a shaver for the best price, comfortable to use, is efficient and reliable, then series 7 will be the best choice for you.

In today’s market based on both reviews and sales stats series 7 remains to be the most popular electrical shaver.

So I would say series 7 is perfect for men who shave daily and have sensitive skin as well as men with coarse hair on their faces.

On the contrary, if you are a guy who is looking for a premium shaver with the most features, and the fastest shaving time, then the series 9 shaver will be the best choice for you.

If you shave for a long time, have coarse or thick hair, and need a fast shaver, then you should consider giving series 9 a try.

Depending on the type skin you have; how coarse or thick your hair grows. And how often you shave will determine which model you use.

Upgrading to series 9 from series 7

Should I upgrade to series 9? This is a common question among men who own series 7. Usually, most men with series 7 are not sure if upgrading to series 9 is worth it.

The answer to this question will depend on your hair type, how satisfied are you with series 7, and whether you are into high-speed shaving.

If you find that series 7 provides the kind of close shave you like then there is no need to find a shaver that has increased speed since the upgrade will cost more.

After everything, if you want a shaver that works fast, has more speed, and provides a close shave then upgrading to series 9 is the best option. But, if you’re happy with a shaver that provides just a close shave then series 7 will more than suffice.

Those are the main changes you will encounter if you upgrade from series 7 to series 9.

If the increased features are worth the extra cost to you, then you should consider upgrading your electric shaver to series 9.

Final Feature Breakdown 

Both series 7 and series 9 perform well in slightly different ways.

The final feature breakdown of each model is as follows:

Braun series 7 

Won 1- cleaning and maintenance

Draw – build and design

Lost 1- user experience

Total= 1/3

Braun series 9

Won 1- user experience

Draw 1- build and design

Lost 1- cleaning and maintenance

Total= 1/3

When you break everything down and compare the two models side by side you’ll see there is no clear winner between series 7 and series 9.

Series 7 and 9 pros and cons

Series 7 pros

  • Three different Personalization modes
  • No noise production
  • Waterproof exterior
  • Highly durable
  • Light in weight
  • Made using metal
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Series 7 cons

  • Fragile locking buttons
  • Minor learning curve

Series 9 pros

  • Fast shave
  • Dry and wet shaving
  • Automatic personalized modes
  • Pivoting head ideal for shaving hard to reach areas
  • Made from durable plastic material
  • Offers close shave

Series 9 cons             

  • Bulky
  • Produces noise while cleaning
  • Slow cleaning process

Final verdict

The official winner between series 7 and series 9 will highly depend on individual preference. Each of these series is strong in specific areas, which makes it hard to point out the clear winner. The best part is that irrespective of your decision, you can never go wrong with any of the two series. Both series 7 and 9 are said to be one of the best if not arguably the best electric shavers available in today’s market.

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