Does Shaving Cause Acne?

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Even though shaving is great, it is not without its potential downsides. It can also cause some problems on the skin like the skin acne. This is basically a skin condition that is characterized by red pimples and swellings on the skin.

We are going to look deeper into the way shaving causes the problem and the possible intervention mechanisms which you may employ to mitigate the issue.

Being a common occurrence among frequent shavers, you badly want to know how to handle the problem. This could spare your skin of unnecessary hassles and issues later.

Does shaving cause acne?

YES, it does. The following are some of the ways and means through which it does so:
Improper Shaving

If you do not shave properly, chances are that your skin may be irritated. For instance, if you hold the shaver in the wrong direction or press the blades too deep into the skin, this problem may arise. The same case also applies to those who possess sensitive skin that is more susceptible to the sharp blades of the typical shavers. It is for this reason that you want to exercise great caution as you handle the shaver and roll it over your head. Apply moderate force and take care of the alignment of the hair as well.

Multi-blade Razors:

Most modern shavers have blades pointing various directions at a time. This might normally also bring about the problem. Chances are that some of the blades may not always align themselves perfectly with the hair or the skin. This causes irritations whenever the two interact. It is this irritation that eventually gives rise to the acne and a host of other skin conditions. To ward off this likelihood, you are advised to insist on the single-blade razor that plies only one direction at a time. This will also ensure some comfort and safety on your part.

Abnormal Skin Growth:

Some people may often experience abnormal skin growth. For instance, the ski may grow over the portion of the hair that has been cut. If and when the hair grows a second time, it may be difficult to push the shaver atop it. This causes inflammations, swelling, irritations, and reddening of the said portion. This ultimately leads to acne. You may try other kinds of shaving if yours are this kind of hair. Insisting on electric shaving may often result in ugly looking skin and head. If the symptoms persist, you may have to seek medical attention.


In the course of shaving hair from the skin, the shaver generates some frictional force with it. This frictional force causes irritations in the short run. If it persists repeatedly, it may give rise to inflammations, peeling off of the skin, the reddening of the skin, and ultimately acne. Some people also react adversely to the shaving creams or the sensitive blades of the shaver. These two again have the abilities to bring about the problem of acne. Consider lubricating the shaver to reduce the frictional force and to make shaving a smoother undertaking.

How may I mitigate acne?

In the unlikely event that you contract the acne condition, all is not lost. It is indeed possible to mitigate the condition by adopting several intervention measures.

These include the following:

Keep your face clean:

It is important to keep your face tidy and clan at all times. As a matter of fact, you are advised to wash your face at least two times a day to rid it of any impurities, extra oil, dead skin cells, and other forms of contaminants. Use the best bathing soap for this job. Such a soap ought to possess antibacterial properties and moisturizers. By keeping your face clean at all times, you reduce the likelihood of acne and other skin conditions arising. This also maintains your skin in a healthy and robust state at all times.

Moisturize your skin:

You have to moisturize your skin effectively. Do this by using the best moisturizers on the market. They help to maintain your moisture-balance and keep your skin in a state of robust health at all times. This way, the chances of acne and other skin conditions arising is kept to the absolute minimum. It also keeps your skin fresh for longer.

Exfoliate the Skin:

Other than merely cleaning your skin, you also have to exfoliate it. This simply means that you have to get rid of the dead cells that accumulate over the skin from time to time. A facial scrub, Jacuzzi, bath gels, and spas are some of the co-operant tools and equipment that may help you out in this venture. They can penetrate into the skin pores and extract every other hidden impurity. This makes your skin well able to withstand the common causes of the acne condition.

Use Anti-acne Products:

A couple of over-the-counter anti-acne products do exist. They may reverse the problem whenever they are applied to the affected portions of the skin. Find them out and use them carefully. Remember that over using such products may often give rise to the exact opposite goal. Even though a good number of these products are over-the-counter, you are still advised to seek medical support and advice before use.

Use makeup sparingly:

Those who use too much makeup will often suffer from this condition more severely than those who use less of the makeup. This is why you are advised to use less makeup. In particular, avoid those makeups that significantly alter the looks and complexion of your skin. They are the ones that are more likely capable of predisposing you to the risks of acne and other skin problems.


In summary, shaving can indeed cause acne. However, the problem may be easily mitigated as you can already see from the foregoing arguments. You should therefore not worry at all. Be confident as you shave your head the next time. Only take care that you adhere to all the instructions and best practices to prevent the issue from either arising or intensifying.




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