8 Most Common Electric Shaving Mistakes Men Make (And How to Fix Them)

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Having a fresh, clean face is what most men want to start their day. A lot of us men often find it somewhat difficult to shave with an electric razor. A primary issue we face is skin irritation, along with redness, not getting a close shave and other problems.

In this article I’m going to point out some electrical shaving mistakes some men make. Along with highlighting the mistakes, I will also provide some useful solutions.

So, next time you shave your beard you won’t make these mistakes.

Understanding Electric Razors

Bid farewell to traditional handheld razors as we delve into the realm of electric razors. An electric shaver is a battery-operated device that offers a comfortable and convenient shaving experience. While many are familiar with electric razors, what often goes unnoticed is the fact that there are two distinct types available. Stay informed as we shed light on the nuances of electric razors and equip you with a comprehensive understanding.

  • Rotary Shavers: Have circular blades that have slow, rotating motions under slotted heads
  • Foil Shavers: Have five rows of leaves placed under thin, metal foils. The foil provides a wall between the skin and edges. It holds the hair in one place until a blade runs through them

Avoiding These Common Shaving Mistakes Men Make

Applying too much pressure while shaving

An electric shaver doesn’t cut as close as a hand-held blade. While it’s true that certain types of shavers incorporate a barrier between your hair and the blades, it’s important to note that some electric shavers can still get close to the skin.

One common mistake made by men is the tendency to exert excessive pressure on their skin while shaving. Unfortunately, this often leads to skin irritation.

When using an electric razor, it is crucial to remember that applying pressure on the skin is not necessary. While it may not get as close to the skin as desired, it is a precautionary measure to prevent skin burns.

Along with not applying pressure also keep in mind specific factors:

a. Foil and the cutting blade should be in top-notch condition
b. The battery should be fully charged
c. Your shaver should perform the exact task it is expected to

Not Using a Suitable Shaver

Each shaver is ideal for a particular kind of skin and hair. Everyone has different types of hair. Some shavers perform best on sensitive skin, while others are good with long hairs. Also, there are some that are handy for traveling purposes.

Now it doesn’t mean that you have to be picky when buying an electric razor. Find a suitable budget-friendly shaver and enjoy shaving, just don’t put too much pressure on your skin.

Not Correctly Cleaning Your Shaver

Most expensive shavers come with cleaning and charging stations out of the box. But most of us, usually go for simple not so costly shavers.

So you have to be a lot more careful with the cleaning of your shaver. Most of us forget to clean our shaver with water. This mistake later causes a lot of problems while shaving again.

My advice to you all is, to clean your shaver after every shave, as it will wash away hairs, dead skin, and dirt. Look at the instructions provided by your manufacturer. You should follow them to wash your shaver.

Fortunately, most of the electric shaver is waterproof and can easily be cleaned with water. But safety is always first.

Not Lubricating Your Shaver

Lubrication is a must if you want to increase the lifespan of the shaver’s foil or blades and also provide comfortable use of your electric shaver. Fortunately, it is not challenging to lubricate your electric razor.

You must follow the below steps:

  • You can use clipper oil or any light lubricant like sewing machine oil. I use sewing machine oil, as it is budget-friendly
  • A single drop of oil on each foil is enough

The benefits of lubricating your electric shaver correctly are:

  • It reduces heat generated by the friction of foils and blades
  • It will prolong their life and improve your shaver’s performance

Pro Tip: Lubricate your shaver after each cleaning

Not Trimming Your Long Hair Before Using Your Electric Shaver

If you have long facial hair you should first trim your hair with a good hair trimmer. When you do not cut your hair before using a shaver, it can be difficult for the razor to shave your facial hair. So, you won’t get that comfortable shave because your hair may get stuck and cause pain.

Not Using Shaving Lotion

Another important step in getting a smooth, comfortable shave is using a shaving lotion. Many of us have moisture, oily skin, flat-laying hair, and even flaky skin. All these factors can keep the shaver from gliding as easily as it can.

For this very reason, it’s recommended you use shaving lotion. The shaving lotion will absorb moisture, tone your skin, and help your hair to stand so the shaver can cut it.

Not Adding A Post-shave Treatment

Just like after using a razor, you use after-shave, you should focus on using a hydrating balm. Avoid using ones with alcohol in them or any artificial fragrance, as these can give skin burns.

Which To Choose Electric and Traditional Shaver?

A razor blade shaves off the thin layer of your skin cells. But on another hand, an electric shaver does not do that. As a result, after using a blade, the body produces replacement scar tissues that take around 2-3 weeks to go away. During this period, you will not get the best results with an electric shaver.

Due to this, you should stick to either an electric or traditional shaver for three weeks before switching.


While it does matter what type of shaver you use. The upkeep of your electric shaver is very important. This can help you avoid a lot of problems and allow your shaver to have a long life.

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