How to Get a Close Shave With an Electric Razor – Ultimate Guide

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First, gone are the days when visiting the barbershop meant being at the mercy of a stranger’s hair expertise. Also, we no longer run around with those nasty and awful manual razors whose practical uses should have been nowhere close to our beards and mustaches.

Now a days you can choose from a variety of electric shavers depending on your taste. Anyhow, for you to get a close shave with an electric shaver, you basically need to do a couple of minor changes to your shaving routine and equipment handling.

In this article, we will look at the steps to a nice shave from pre-shaving preparation to post-shaving face cleaning. In addition to the above suggestions, you will find out how you should handle your electric shaver from the shaving process to future maintenance.

These tips and tricks can assist in helping you achieve a close shave in many diverse ways, as explained below. So, this article should offer you a different perspective on electric shavers and how they can help you achieve a close shave.

How to get a close shave?

For you to get a close shave with an electric shaver, following a sensible strategy or course of action is important.

Below you’ll find an outline of the suggested recommended steps:

  • Pick a shaver that fits your needs most
    • Check out shaving forums, a grooming specialist to learn the best way to shave
  • Wash your face first
    • Take shower with hot water, use warm water to wash your face, or a warm face cloth to soften your beard
  • Take time to let your face adjust
    • Allow two weeks for your face to adjust to the electric shaver
  • Use a pre-shave that is alcohol base
    • It can help remove oils from your face and clean it out
  • Shave with the grain of your face
    • Rub your beard, it’s the side of the hair that’s smooth that is going with the grain. The side that’s rough is going against it.

The outline above is just the beginning. It is by no means an end-all be-all. But, the suggestion listed can and is often overlooked. However, they provide a great starting point.

Here are some core principles that fall into three major categories:

Pre-shaving stage

This particular stage is basically your preparation phase. So, keep it simple there’s not much to worry about. Obtaining the perfect close shave starts with a step by step detail plan. The planning stage is important if you do not have one in place you can miss out on the best close shave possible.

For you to meet your shaving objectives you need to make sure you have a good plan that can help get you results.

So, here’s what the pre-shaving plan entails.

First of all, pick a time that best works for you where you’d like to do your electric shaving regularly. Not at all necessary, however, this can help you stay organized. This plan should minimize the probability of missing trimming your excessive and neglected facial shrub. You should decide on an interval to which you are most likely to follow.

Next, you have to decide on the kind of electric shaver you would need to attain the close shave you want.

In this case, you have a choice between two options: foil-based or rotatory shaver.

Prudently, the foil option is advisable as opposed to the rotatory shaver due to the fact that it’s great at getting a close shaves.

Consider your beard hair type prior to choosing a shaver, obviously.

Search the perfect electric shaver that can help you get a close shave.

There are many shaver brands out there. But, I suggest searching out customer reviews, and performance details about the product prior to choosing one that works for you.

Examples of two of the most trusted, well-reviewed, and superb shaving devices for a close shave are the Panasonic, Philips and Braun electric shavers.

Note that the essential qualities that make for an excellent close-knit electric shaver include a sturdy and robust motor as well as a top-performing, high caliber, sharpened blades.

Check the power status of your electric shaver. So, you can make sure you have enough battery life to cut your hair.

With more experience, you’ll be able to tell how much battery life you have based on the kind of motor throttle sounded by your electric shaver.

A low powered device would emit an audible strained motor sound that differs from a well-charged electric shaver.

With a poorly charged electric shaver, the blades will not operate at optimal capacity, as a result keeping you from that close shaver goal you have.

In-shaving session

At this point, you are getting ready to shave your beard. This is where you take action and begin using your electric shaver to shave.

By following the correct maneuver and technique, you should achieve a close shave with relative ease.

Although I gave an outline earlier.

For an excellent close shave, you ought to choose wet shaving over the dry option.

Since dry shaving has a much higher risk of causing irritations, razor burns, and skin bumps, a shaving gel provides you with protection against these predicaments.

Believe me, I’ve tried dry shaving and it just does not work as well. And I’ve gotten razor bumps and ingrown hairs from it.

By wet shaving with a relevant shaving cream, you should be able to get a smooth glide while running the electric shaver against your skin for a perfectly close shave eventually.

It may take a few passes to get a close cut. But, doing this way makes it inevitable.

Not only is the cream’s lubrication helpful in softening your beard hair, but it is also responsible for greasing the shaving blade, as a result getting rid of skin friction and local heat.

Given these additional suggestions when you lather your shaving gel you ought to get a close shave rather comfortably.

Not all men can stand or respond positively to wet shaving.

Depending on your personal preference and other subjective factors, you may not want to lather up using shaving cream.

If you fall into this category your other option would be to use pre-shave lotion to help.

Similar to wet shaving cream and gel, this lotion offers low-resistant lubrication to ease the electronic shaving process.

By solidifying your shaved hairs into rigid strands, the lotion can help the electric shaver to achieve the close shave you want.

In addition, this option allows you to get rid of skin moisture over the shaved area that typically hinders a close shave.

When you’re shaving, you may need someone to offer an extra hand to help bring your low-lying hairs close to the blades for cutting.

And also you stretch out your skin surface manually to enable your electric shaver to gain access to the short hair strands to help achieve that close shave.

Another great technique is to operate your electric shaver in the opposite direction to the hair alignment. In this manner, the counter direction makes it easier for the blades to shave off most of the low hair strands and wisps.

Along with shaving against the grain of your hair growth for a close shave, you ought to be mindful of applying too much pressure when running your electric shaver over your skin.

The best way to achieve an ideal close shave is by using gentle shaving pressure uniformly across the facial region when shaving.

Note that too much force runs the risk of causing trauma to the underlying skin.

Post-shaving phase

Once you are done shaving your facial hair, your post-shaving steps include final cleaning. Wiping excess hair off of the machine, and adding alcohol to sanitize the equipment.

This final step ensures the shaver is stored away clean without any hair inside the device and the blade.

This will go a long way in making sure your device does the job next time for that close shave.

If you are committed to a consistent and great shaving routine. Things will be more effective if you prepare in advance for each session.

It’s important to do proper maintenance and store your device properly for your next use.

To get the best out of your shaver and continue getting that close shave. You must clean your electric shaver correctly. At the end of your shaving time, your shaver would typically contain chunks and wisps of cut hairs attached to its various moveable parts. For instance, hair entanglements could happen within the foils, motor rotors, or shaving blades.

By cleaning your equipment, you will extend the longevity of your blades and ensure a close shave for a longer period. Besides, the stuck strands of hair will decrease the efficiency of your electric shaver by impairing its smooth operation and performance.

To get rid of dirt and reduce strenuous loading on the motor, you should use cleaning sprays and lubricants during your cleaning time. With spray cleaners such as Remington Shaver Saver, you will improve the efficiency of your electric shaver while allowing for more extended service.

Lubrication is another thing you can do to maintain your electric shaver to prevent the motor, blades, and other moveable parts from jamming.

With most manufacturers, there are cleaning instructions that come with your electric shaver when you buy one. So if you don’t know how to clean your shaver, please check the instruction pamphlet that came with your package. Cleaning your electric shaver is important for helping your blade and device last longer.

During your maintenance phase, you should check on how much life your blade has left and also if the attachment is good. To continue getting close shaves the strength of this attachment is important as it determines whether your blades can withstand the strain of shaving beard hairs so close to the base.

If the blade isn’t attached well it can cause a weak connection and if this happens my suggestion is to repair the damage right away to avoid a lack of functionality in the shaver. Without these precautions, the shaver is likely to deteriorate and may even become useless over time.

Another important thing to consider as part of maintaining your electric shaver is replacing worn-out blades and foils. If I were you I would make a habit of regularly changing these two parts for newer substitutes to keep your shaver in tip-top condition for close shaves. The state of your blades and foils has a direct influence on the performance of your electric shaver.


The above suggestions are geared at helping you get the best out of your electric shaver and also to help you achieve a close shave at every shaving session. And of course, getting a close shave will depend on your skill and your shaver performing at its best. Carrying out regular maintenance on your electric shaver, as well as modifying your pre-shaving and post-shaving routines correctly is crucial.

With these precautions in place, you should be free of inconveniences such as non-viable blades, overheating motors, and worn-out foils that all result in a nonworking shaver which can obviously keep you from getting that close shave. In addition, regular lubrication allows for comfortable handling of the device.

So, if you use all the recommendations outlined here you should continue benefitting from a close shave with your electric shaver. If you don’t apply the suggestions it’s possible your shaver would run into frequent malfunctions and give in eventually. Considering this fact please consider taking better care of your electric shaver so you can keep getting close shaves far in the future.

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