How to Lubricate an Electric Razor

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Electric razors require lubrication to allow them to perform at their very best.

It is not a good idea to drag a dull, dry razor across your face or neck.

In order to avoid irritation that can come from a non-lubricated razor, it is important to oil the blades and foils after every shave.

This may sound tedious, but it is an essential upkeep that your skin will benefit from.

Why Lubricate an Electric Razor?

Razors need lubrication for a number of reasons:

  • To stay smooth and avoid becoming dull
  • To prolong the life of all parts
  • To reduce friction and heat that can happen during usage
  • To provide a better shave – no leftover stubble or patchy hair
  • Avoids stress on the motor of the razor types. There are a variety of lubricants on the market that can be used on electric razors

For example, you may want to consider spray lubricants, light lubricants, and water-based lubricants.

Spray lubricants are handy to use because all you have to do is place your parts on a towel and spray.

The lubricant is generally sprayed more evenly using this type because the spray spans wide and hits all parts.

Light lubricants contain less oil and are easy to distribute on the parts, but you have to do so by hand. Additionally, they do not cause build-up on the parts which helps for cleaning afterwards.

Water-based lubricants are an option but do keep in mind that oil-based is ideal.

Remember that each time you apply lubricant to the shaver, you must clean it well the next time after use.

Failure to clean the built-up lubricant on the blades and foils can result in the electric shaver being overloaded with grease.

How Often Should You Lubricate Your Electric Razor?

Lubrication should be applied to the blades after each use. However, you can do it a minimum of two times per week.

Depending on how often you shave should be a good indicator of how often you should lubricate the blades and other parts.

It does not hurt to rub on some lubricant because it cannot hurt the razor. Some creams and gels can actually dry out the blades and foils, so adding lubricant after each wash can prevent this from occurring.

How to Lubricate the Razors Properly?

Lubricating the razors depends on what kind of lubricant you purchased. Before applying any lubricant, clean out the device first.

This means shaking out or brushing out hair, dead skin, or any other dirt particles that found their way into the electric razor. Once this is done, you can get started.

You do not want to apply lubricant over built-up stubble and grime, which is why it is so important to clean the razor out prior to oiling it.

If you are using spray lubricant, grab a towel and lay all the parts you want to lubricate the razor on the towel; this requires taking apart all the main pieces of the razor.

Next, you want to spray the lubricant a few inches away from the parts and evenly coat it.

Spraying the lubricant should be done carefully and without holding the nozzle on a certain area for an extended amount of time.

If you are concerned about the distribution and whether you are not reaching all the tiny areas of the city, put the parts back together and turn the razor on for a few seconds.

This is actually recommended by the companies who manufacture the razors, and it can help push the lubricant around all the parts.

With oil or water-based lubricant, grab a towel and lay out the parts, apply lubricant thoroughly and massage in with your hands or use a soft-bristle brush to do so.

I recommend dabbing a bit of oil on either side and in the middle, this ensures that the entire part is covered.

Do not use a brush on the foil pieces, as the bristles can be too harsh for the delicate foil.

When rubbing in lubricant with the hands, be careful to not cut yourself; you may want to wear gloves while you do this. Lubricants to Avoid Not all lubricants are created equal.

The one lubricant you want to avoid is WD-40 because it is not the best for razors, and is designed for more household or vehicle-related lubrication jobs.

Additionally, olive or coconut oil is not suitable because they are ideal for cooking or cosmetic usage.

It is best to find a razor that comes with lubricant already, but if not, select one that you feel will work best for the razor you own.

Some individuals may wish to disinfect their shaver before lubricating it. This is entirely ok, but harsh disinfectants should not be used.

Essential oils are great options for cleaning the razor and freshening it up before lubricating it.

Furthermore, essential oils mix well with most lubricants due to their all-natural components.

Lubricant is a simple product that plays a huge role in maintaining an electric razor.

Shop around and investigate the different kinds of lubricants on the market before buying one.

A lot of individuals do not know the purpose of moisturizing their razor, what kind to buy, or even how to apply it.

This guide is designed to help answer those questions and create more aware shavers.

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