How to Shave Your Neck with an Electric Razor

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Shaving with an electric razor can go beyond just your face. In fact, it’s possible to use it on other areas such as the neck.

However, since the neck is a delicate and hard-to-reach area, it requires careful attention while shaving.

Fortunately, with the right technique and approach, it’s possible to shave your neck without assistance. To help you become a pro at shaving your neck with an electric razor, we’ve created a helpful guide that outlines some key things to keep in mind.

Why is the Neck Considered Hard to Shave?

The neck is considered a tricky place to shave because of its location on the body. Who can stretch their hand all the way to the back of their neck all while holding a sharp, buzzing razor?

Or, how can you be sure that you trimmed all the hairs away?

Shaving the neck requires some concentration, but once you learn how to do it properly, it becomes easier.

So, how do you get started?

You will want to buy a quality electric razor.

A good quality shaver will allow you to shave your neck correctly every single time. When you use a razor that tugs at the hair or is not as powerful, stubble can be left behind.

So, you want to purchase a razor that fits well in your hand.

The reason is that when you’re trying to reach behind the back of your neck, a short-handled shaver may not be as good as a long-handled shaver.

Although it may sound trivial, getting a shaver that feels good in your hand is important.

Purchase shaving cream or gel Just like when shaving your face, your neck needs shaving cream or gel.

Lightly add shaving cream to the areas of your neck you wish to shave. This makes certain that the razor will pick up the part of your neck with thicker hair.

Because the neck hair is close to the hair on the head, chances are it can run on the coarser side.

Buy a Good Hand Mirror

A mirror can be extremely helpful when shaving your neck. It is not a good idea to try to shave the back of your neck with a sharp razor.

Instead, buy a hand mirror and use it to help you see where to shave and in case you left any hair behind at the end.

Hand mirrors can be purchased for cheap and they do not take up much space in the bathroom drawer.

Watching your head position and how you tilt it is important in a good shave.

You don’t want to tilt your head too hard so that it restricts some of your vision.

Keep your eyes peeled and tilt your head slightly as you begin shaving; you may need to turn your neck to the side and forward depending on how much hair you have to shave.

Under the chin requires you to tilt your head back, and this allows you to really reach every hair that has grown under the neck and chin.

For the front of the neck, be cautious and gentle; you don’t want to cut your neck as this can be painful, especially when applying cologne or perfume later.

Shave your neck hair often because it can be a bit challenging to do so you may have hair back there and not realize it.

Be sure to do a thorough shave at least once a week so that the rest of the time you can spend doing quick touch-ups.

The longer you leave the hair to grow, the harder it will be to shave next time. Try keeping a schedule of when to shave next so that you shave at the same time each week.

Trim Long Neck Hair

Long neck hair can get stuck in the blades and foils of the razor. So, use a pair of scissors to trim long-neck hair before you begin shaving.

This will not only make it easier, but it will be better for the electric razor also.

Apply After Shave or Lotion

The neck is a sensitive area, more so than the face!

Therefore, invest in a moisturizing lotion or aftershave to apply after shaving – your neck will thank you! It also makes it easier next time if your skin is smooth.

Sometimes we forget about the neck, but it is important to moisturize it just as much as any other body part.

Remember electric shavers are much more powerful than manual razors, you’ll need some practice to get used to using one back there.

And electrical blades operate at high speeds, and they are sharp!

Be very careful when shaving that you do not go too fast or leave the blades on a certain part of the skin for too long; you do not want the blades to cut or irritate your skin.

The neck can be a hard part of the body to shave, but it doesn’t have to be now that you have these helpful tips to guide you.

The number one thing to remember is to go slow and take your time shaving that area. And, always finish with a moisturizing cream or balm.

Because most clothes, especially dress clothes, rub on the neck, it can become irritated after a shave. So, adding lotion can help ease any discomfort and protect your skin from irritation.

There is nothing worse than having a fresh, smooth face but a neck full of stubble or missed hairs.

With these tips, you’ll be able to use an electric razor to shave your neck with ease and achieve a smooth, comfortable shave every time.

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