How to Take Care of Your Electric Razor

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Maintaining your electric shaver is crucial to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. Many people tend to neglect their electric razors, which can lead to decreased efficiency and the need to purchase a new razor frequently.

Fortunately, taking care of your electric razor is neither time-consuming nor challenging, and it can save you money in the long run. This article aims to dispel common misconceptions about electric razor maintenance and provide you with essential steps to follow.

Clean the blades

After each use, make sure to rinse the blades thoroughly and either air dry or towel dry them to avoid corrosion and other potential issues.

You may even want to consider using a small brush to really get in between the blades and foils.

Then, lubricate the blades so they stay fresh and sharp for the next shave. The worst thing a person can do is use their shaver and just toss it in a drawer afterward.

With each use, hair and skin build up in the razor and so, one should clean it out each time.

Avoid water

Avoid Water. Moisture and water and electrical devices do not mix at all.

So, why would you put your electric razor near water? You shouldn’t ever.

When you are done shaving and rinsing the blades with warm water, make sure they are completely dry before storing the razor.

Water buildup can cause the blade of the electric shaver to rust and even corrode.

This means that you should also never use your electric razor in the shower with you.

While it may sound like a nice idea to bring your razor in the shower and shave while watering your hair, moisture, and water drops from the shower head can damage the blades and foils.

Avoid overcharging

Avoid overcharging the electric shaver. You should never plug in an electric shaver when it does not need to be charged.

Sometimes it may be a habit to charge your shaver after each use, even if it is not low in battery.

Overcharging the battery can cause it to overheat and maybe die over time.

Avoid plugging in your electric razor until it is low on battery or has died.


The blades of a razor can become dull and cause friction if not lubricated on a daily basis.

After each use, grab some high-quality lubricant and gently brush it on your electric razor blades and foils. This will ensure a smooth shave each time and no tugging of your facial hair.

All you need is a tiny bit of lubricant to keep your razor in good shape; some companies even offer a small sample of lubricant that comes with the razor.

Replace blades and foils

Most blades and foils last at least 12 months, but sometimes they need to be changed sooner, depending on the frequency of use.

If your electric razor is not performing the way it used to, chances are the blades and foils need to be replaced.

Shop around for a good deal and be sure to replace them as soon as possible.

Use a protection case

Storing your electric razor in a drawer or throwing it in a travel bag is not doing it any favors.

If the razor is designed for a head protector, using one to store it is a great idea. Otherwise, put it in a soft case or wrap it in a towel for storage.

You do not want it to move around and possibly brake.

Lightly use shaving cream

Avoid Piling on shaving cream or gel prior to shaving. It does help the shaver do a smoother glide, but it can potentially overload the razor.

Lightly use shaving cream or gel and if you need more as you go then add more.

Razor blades are not designed to handle large amounts of shaving cream, so start with less and build up as you need.

Final verdict

A lot of people purchase expensive or good quality electric razors and forget to look after them.

It is important to maintain the health of the blades and foils to promote the longevity of your device.

All it takes is sometime after you are done shaving – clean the blades and foils, dry them, and store them with care.

With all this in mind, you should hopefully be in a better place to take care of your electric razor.

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