How To Use An Electric Shaver – All You Need To Know

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An electric shaver can be challenging to use when you’re trying to get the ideal shave. The smartest way to get the best shave is to consider the proper technique during shaving and razor aftercare after you’ve shaved.

Electric shavers are very popular not only among men but also women. They provide a shave that does not cause razor bumps, and post-shave care is fairly easy to do. Surprisingly there’s a large number of men and women who don’t know how to use an electric shaver.

Pick a Good Electric Shaver

If you’re thinking about purchasing an electric shaver, it’s crucial to pick one that meets your needs and surpasses expectations. With so many electric shavers on the market, each with unique features and price points, deciding can be overwhelming.

Some shavers use rotating blades, while others use a straight-line foil design. It’s best to carefully read reviews online, on youtube, google, and read the manual before making a purchase.

Foil shavers have a thin metal foil with small holes that covers the cutting blades, while rotary shavers have a few circular cutting heads that move independently.

Reading the manual can help guide your decision. Most shaving devices are different in terms of features and uses. The manual contains detailed information and tips about how to use the shaver. In addition, to how to maintain it.

Prepare Your Face

It is smart to wash your face before using an electric shaver for men because it can minimize irritation and prevent ingrown hairs from appearing. It can also help to use hot water since it opens your pores, softens your hair follicles, and it won’t hurt to add a gentle face cleanser. If by any chance you decide to use shaving cream, use a good, preferably an organic or natural one.

For example, Dr. Bronner’s, Shaving Gel, Unscented, is great so is Burt’s Bees, Cooling Shave Cream. Also, you can use moisturizer or pre-shave lotion to lubricate your skin and protect it from possible razor bumps.

And consider buying a waterproof shaver so you can use it in the shower to save time.

Never Shave Right After You Wake Up

A lot of men shave directly after they wake up. Besides the fact that your face is slightly swollen when you wake up, this is a big mistake, and we all know getting a close shave with a puffy face is not the most effective.

To get the best shave in the morning, wait 15-20 minutes before shaving.

Use Various Electric Shaving Techniques

It’s a good idea to try different shaving methods until you find one that best suits your needs. Some men say shaving against the grain gives them a more advantageous and closer shave, while others report minor changes when using other techniques for shaving.

We can be unique and have different skin, so trying a few shaving strategies before committing to one is wise. Also, the right shaver is important, so buying a few different ones may require finding the right device.

Keep Up Your Electric Shaver

Ultimately, it’s important to know how to upkeep your shaver. Making sure your men’s electric shaver is kept clean after each use is a very important part of keeping it sharp. You can’t expect great results from a dull electric shaver.


If your first shave with an electric shaver did not go well or, despite everything, you haven’t found the best shaving strategy that suits your skin, don’t give up! It’s possible that it can take your skin up to a month to adjust. Because of this, I recommend keeping at it for a few months.

Shaving with an electric shaver is, for the most part, a simple thing, but if you are new or can’t get a shave that satisfies you, the above tips can help you.

I laid out some basic suggestions to help you get a super smooth shave with your electric shaver. I hope they help make your shaving experience positive.

But remember, the kind of shaver you buy will greatly affect your shaving experience, so don’t hesitate to spend enough money to buy a good quality shaver.

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