How to Use Shaving Cream

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Shaving cream is an essential step in shaving. It not only creates a guide for the blades, but it helps moisturize the skin during the process.

Not everyone uses shaving cream even though everyone should.

A lot of issues that come from shaving are because shaving cream was not used at all or the wrong type was used.

Shaving cream is a simple part of shaving but there is a way to apply it to make sure you are getting the best shave out of your session.

Shaving cream works not only as an aid in shaving but also as a moisturizer.

Wash your face with cleanser

The first step is to make sure your face is clean before shaving. You do not want to begin shaving if there is dirt, sweat, or grime on the skin – the hair will only get stuck in the shaver and create a mess.

Use a gentle facial cleanser and wash your face thoroughly, be sure to work the cleanser into your pores and apply it to your neck as well. After washing, rinse your face with warm water and pat it to dry. A little bit of water left on the skin is ideal because it will pick up the cream or gel better than a dry face.

Wet Your Face with Warm Water

Lightly sprinkle your face with warm water to prep the skin for the cream. This is usually done when you use cleanser during the first step, but if your face is already cleaned then just splash water on it; this is not a must but it is recommended. Make sure you are not drenching your face in the water, as this will not sit well once you apply the cream or gel over your face.

Add Shaving Cream on Well

It is not a good idea to add too much shaving cream or gel on your face because this can lead to build-up in the razor. However, add cream to your face so that it is covered entirely (minus your eyes, mouth, and nose holes of course!). Start with a little bit and add more if you need to. Some people like to use a brush to apply the shaving cream, but your hands can work just as well. If you are using a brush, wet it with warm water to soften the bristles. The last thing you want to feel is hard bristles poking your face as it applies the cream.

Begin Shaving

Now that your face is prepped, you can begin shaving! Go slow and follow the lines of the cream as you go. It is helpful to go in the same direction as your hair growth in a downward motion to ensure an even shave. You may notice that you want to use more cream next time or less, but that is why you have to practice first.

Rinse your face even though the shaving cream should mostly be gone after shaving, chances are there will be some leftover. You should either splash your face with warm water or grab a soft, damp cloth and wipe your face. If you decide to do the latter, avoid pressing down and rubbing on your freshly shaved face.

The more you rub your face after shaving the more it can become irritated or red.

Shaving cream is often viewed as an extra component of shaving or even an optional one. I’m here to tell you that it is needed to get a good shave. Without shaving cream, your face can be exposed to harsh blades, tugging, and even stubble can be left behind. Grab a bottle of good-quality shaving cream or gel and apply it to your face before shaving…today!

Best Brand Shaving Cream to Use

  • Kiss My Face, Moisture Shave: This is an all-natural brand that is made of natural ingredients and comes in a variety of scents. It is perfect for men and women
  • Nivea Men: Gentle and smooth is what this shaving cream is made of. It is affordable and popular
  • Billy Jealousy Shaving Cream: Not only does this company make shaving cream, but they make moisturizers, beard oils, and facial cleansers. They have non-lathering shaving creams that work just as great as ones that lather.
  • Hydroplane Super Slick Shaving Cream: This popular shaving cream offers a close shave each time, and it leaves the skin feeling supple and smooth

No matter the shaving cream you are using, you still should prep your face and neck the same way. That being said, latherless or lathering shaving creams will apply differently and this is important to keep in mind. At the end of the shaving routine, it is important to rinse the cream off your face well. If you leave the shaving cream on the face, it can irritate your skin.

Are There Alternatives to Shaving Cream?

Yes, there are many alternatives to shaving cream, even though we recommend using shaving cream. Alternatives to shaving cream are body soap, coconut oil, hair conditioner, baby oil, massage oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, Shea butter, and even almond oil. These are all suggestions that should be used with caution.

Shaving cream is a thicker base that allows for hair to be picked up easier by the razor. That being said, if you run out of shaving cream be sure to keep these suggestions in mind because they are better than shaving with nothing at all.

Which One to Use: Cream or Gel?

While both products work well, there is a debate about which one is better. Shaving cream is lighter and does not thicken as fast. While the gel is already a harder substance and expands fast once mixed with water. Typically, gels are fragrance-free compared to shaving cream, and this is something to consider for people with allergies or who are sensitive to strong scents.

What’s even more shaving gels offer more lubrication to the skin than shaving cream. All this being said, shaving creams do work well and there are many options on the market designed for sensitive skin or thick hair. In order to determine if shaving cream or gel is for you, it would be a good idea to test each one out before deciding.

Shaving cream or gel is an important part of any shaving session. You can apply either using a brush or your bare hands, and you want to make certain to massage the product unto your face before beginning to shave. Shaving cream not only moisturizes and protects the skin from the sharp blades, but it acts as a helpful guide for shaving hair off.

Once you find a shaving cream or gel that works best for you, your shaver will be happy and so will you. Good shaving cream can make a huge difference in how well your shaver performs. For example, a quality shaving cream or gel can assist the shaver in making a closer shave that leaves the skin soft afterward.

Never underestimate shaving cream!

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