The Noise of an Electric Shaver- A Matter to be Looking Into!

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Are you someone who gets frustrated in the morning because of the sound of your electric shaver?

Maybe you have family members who get disrupted from their sleep because they are light sleepers. In this post, we are going to look at how to avoid disturbing your family in the morning with the noise from your electric shaver.

Have you tried searching for a fancy high-tech electric shaver as an option? As you know there are a lot of choices available today. It may still be challenging to find a model that is quiet. Currently, there are no alternative options available. Even though advancements in technology may eventually lead to quieter electric shavers.

Foil shavers tend to be louder models. Try changing to a rotary shaver instead. Even though rotary shavers do make some noise, it’s a lot less compared to foil shavers.

You may be asking yourself. What in the world are the differences between the two types of electric shavers? No worries, this post has you covered.

Rotary vs foil electric razors

Shaving noise and speed

Let’s take a look at the performance, comfort, and noise level between the two types of razors. Each razor offers various features. But, in this article, we are going to focus on how much quieter rotary shavers are compared to foil ones.

Rotary shavers provide less noise because the motor is manufactured to function at lower speeds so that’s why it makes a low sound. Whereas foil shavers have very fast spinning motors which cover about 140000 cycles in a minute. So, rotary shavers win when it comes to quietness.

Foil shavers are commonly known to produce vibrations that additionally have an effect on the sound level. Even the movement of the blades and the rotating shaft increases the sound of the shavers. The vibrations of foil razors are higher because the blade has to change its direction on each as opposed to rotary razors that have circular blades. The blades only rotate in a single direction.

These features that are included in the design of a foil shaver result in the loud noise the device makes. Rotary shavers will provide the low sound you are looking for. The downside of rotary shavers is they don’t have high speeds so you lose out on that.

Shaving Quality

Rotary and foil shavers have a big difference when it comes to speed and quality. Foil shavers are much faster and they provide generally a cleaner shave when compared to rotary shavers. This is not always the case as it varies from skin to skin. Your skin and hair type may be different from someone else so functionality will differ as well.

The foil shaver provides a very smooth shave due to its powerful motor. If you are a person who has a very thick beard then choosing the rotary shaver won’t be the best choice. A rotary shaver would be your best option because of the reduced noise level. But if you use the shaver the right way you can still get a smooth shave. All you have to do is take your time with it and rotate it so you can get the desired shave you want.

Skin type for shaving

There is also a lot of misconception that people when sensitive skin should not use rotary shavers. This totally boils down to the way you use the shaver. You need to be very careful with how much pressure you apply. If you apply the right amount of pressure you will get the same results that you can get with a foil shaver. You can’t just rely on the reviews. I suggest you try using the device the proper way before coming to a conclusion.

Avoid low quality electric shavers

If you want to be completely satisfied with your shave you need to be willing to purchase quality electric shavers. Picking a low-quality shaver can create a really bad shaving experience. Avoid the use of certain model shavers. For example, the Remington model and in particular they are louder than other shavers. If the top feature you are looking for in a shaver is one with a low noise level then you certainly should look into not buying certain model shavers. Noise is an important factor to think about when considering a razor to buy. Many men ignore this when they buy a razor but then later on regret it.

In a nutshell

In conclusion, if you are someone who is extremely concerned about the noise level of your electric shaver. Remember a rotary shaver should be your choice when considering which razor to get. It’s not only a wise choice but with the right shaving technique, you can get the same result as you can with a foil shaver.

Don’t assume you won’t like a rotary shaver it’s worth it to try it out before deciding whether it would be the best option for your shaving needs.

Did you know there’s an Android app that can help you measure the noise level of your shaver? Install it and you can get an idea through the noise sensor application of the sound level your shaver produces. The noise meters can help you a great deal to measure the sound level, as they will indicate whether you should buy that electric shaver or not.

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