Noise of Electric Shaver- A Matter to be Look into!

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Have you ever considered electric shaver as your enemy? If yes, then you won’t agree more about the annoying sound that frustrates you in the morning. Many of your family members must have complained about the disruption in their sleep due to the electric shaver noise. You don’t want to break the peaceful and deep mornings of your beloved one through this source. Would you?

There are quite fancy shaves in the market with the standard kit along with high tech blade and other foils. But you must have wondered that when the manufacturers will consider reducing the noise emitting from the electric shaver. Due to the advancements, you can expect the manufactures to work one day on the electric shaver noise issue but until that fortunate time come you have to find a suitable alternative option.

Don’t compromise by putting the ear buds in your ear instead of that switch the foil shaver with rotary one. Though this will be creating an electric shaver noise but nowhere near the foil shavers. Wondering the difference between the foil shaver and rotary? No problem, as this article has got you covered in every way possible.

Rotary vs foil electric razors

Shaving noise and speed:

The battle persists in terms of the performance and comfort of the razors. You will be bogged down with different things each razor has to offer. But then everything boils down to the quietness, in terms of less noise there is no hole of doubt that rotary shavers are a better option.

This practicality in the low noise generation is achieved by the rotary shaver due to its manufacturing difference. It is designed in such a way that its motor revolved at a very low speed thus making a low sound. Whereas opposed to this, foil shavers have very fast spinning motors which cover about 140000 cycles in a minute. Thus, the rotary shavers win the battle of quietness in this regard.

Foil shavers are commonly known to produce the vibrations which put the additional amplification in the sound level. Even the movement of the blades and the rotating shaft mounts up the sound of the foil shavers. The vibrations of foil razors are of higher frequency because the blade has to change its direction on each whereas rotary razor owns circular blades. Those blades only rotate in a single direction.

All these factors in the design phase result in the loud noise emitting from the shavers. You will only be able to hear the low sound if you will go for rotary shavers. These shavers are not of much higher speed thus this feature turns beneficial in your regard.

Shaving Quality:

Rotary and foil shavers greatly differ in their speed and quality. Foil shavers are much faster and they provide generally a cleaner shave when compared with the rotary shaver. This factor is not always the same and it varies from skin to skin. Every skin has a different beard thus the functionality of the shavers will differ.

Foil shaver provides a very smooth shave due to its powerful motor. If you are the person who owns a very thick beard then choosing the rotary shaver won’t be a very wise decision. Rotary shaver is mainly preferred because of the reduce noise level. But if you will use the shaver in the right and proper manner even then you can achieve the smooth shave. All you need to do is to take the shaver slow and rotates it will you achieve your desired results.

Skin type for shaving:

There is also a lot of misconception among people that using rotary shavers over the sensitive skin is an extremely unwise option. This idea totally boils down to the way one is making use of the shaver. You need to be very careful with the pressure level to apply. If you will apply sufficient pressure over the rotary shaver then you will accomplish the same results as that of the foil shavers. One cannot just rely on the reviews without perfectly using the device the way it is supposed to be used.

Avoid electric shaver of very low quality

If you want a full satisfaction level after getting your shave done then you should avoid using those shaves which are not popular enough. This can really make your whole shaving experience quite an awful one. You can avoid the use of certain models of Remington shaver as they are louder than anyone which you will choose. If your top priority in the shaver is the noise level then you must never buy any deal that concerns specific models. Noise is also the important factor to consider among the features of the razor. Many ignore this factor when they buy the razor but then they regret later.

In a nutshell:

You must have gotten the clear idea that rotary shaver must be your first choice if the noise of an electric shaver is the real concern you have and that reasoning is perfectly fine. It can also achieve the same results as the foil shaver only if one will use it in a proper manner with sufficient pressure.

If you don’t get satisfied with your purchase then you should always test first. After all, you will be buying thus you need to avail the opportunity of testing. It is your complete right, so don’t hesitate to try out first in the market else you will regret later. You must have a hands-on experience. At least you can check the noise level.

In this modern time period, you can always take the help of any android app. Install the noise sensor application intended to get the idea of the sound produced by the shavers. These noise meters can help you a great deal to measure the sound level, as they will indicate that whether you should take the electric shaver or not.  You have to choose your priority feature and then buy the shaver.




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