Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men’s Electric Razor

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men’s Electric Razor – Review

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This is an electric shaver that has been designed with 4 blade cutting system with a dual motor. Unlike the many that you will find out there, you will get to find this product unique with precision-honed blades that will ensure that you enjoy durability and sharpness at any one point that you are shaving.

It has the ability to handle at least 14 shaves. That means that for every shave that you will handle, you need to have each done in at least 3 minutes.

The motor that it has is unique because it can deliver up to 14,000 shaves per minute. That is in each blade. Across the four blades, then you will be 56,000 cuts per minute.

This is a men’s shaver. It is recommended that you use it will care and precision. This is because with its cutting ability, you might be in a mess if you make any error.

For those that will use it carefully, they will always have the best cut ever in their life. This is a no exception shaver that is not that expensive when you compare with others out there.

With its price and the kind of job that it will do, then you will be rest assure that it is going to be the right choice for you.

Although it is bulkier, you will get used to it and even realize that it does more and better work for you. If you want a tight trimmer, then I would suggest that get a different trimmer.

In the box of the item, you will find the following:

– It comes with a charging base that you can also use as a nice cleaning unit
– The travel porch is intact and you can use it to store the item and travel with it from place to place.
– ES-LA63-S Arc4 Shaver.
– AC charger.


– Precision Trimmer: It has been fitted with a precision pop-up trimmer that you can use to do your final finishes to your beards and mustaches.

– Display: It has a 10-stage LCD display that shows you the electric shaver functions and also the status of the battery.

– Cutting technology: The Nanotech razor blades offer you the best sharpness of the latest cutting technology.

– Multi-flex pivoting head: this will give you an opportunity to shave smoothly without havi8ng to worry of any injury in the contoured places.

– The electric shaver motor: when you have a faster motor, then you have to be assured that you will get a smoother and cleaner shave in just minutes

– Availability of a slit foil: This foil has been installed in the right place so that it is able to catch long hair. The outer part ensures that the thin hair is held in place so that the shaver gives you a closer shave than any other.


  • – It offers you a quick and dry shave at any point that you want it
  • – It has been made with an ergonomic design, meaning that it is easy to hold and operate
  • – It conforms easily to any part that you want it to shave without having to cut you.
  • – You only need to charge it for 1 hour and it will handle up to 14 shaves.
  • – With the charge indicator installed in the product, you will always know when your product needs to be recharged
  • – It is loved because it maintains peak performance up to the time the charge is finished
  • – The razor foils and razors are both hypoallergenic, meaning that they have been designed to always give you a gentle shave even when you have a skin that is sensitive
  • – The cordless shaver head can be moved in a circular motion making it also to be ideal for those people that are accustomed to using a rotary shaver
  • – The shaver head has been gently curved to also allow the head to glide smoothly over the chin or the jawline.


  • – The cleaning unit might fail after some time.
  • – Does not give you a closer shave when you compare it with a razor.

Wrap up:

The above item is unique in every aspect; it shaves well to any skin, even the most sensitive one out there. It has been made with the best features and comes fully packed for the job.

You need to know that this is a modern shaver and will work better than any that you have ever used back then. It is even rated as a man’s best companions that he can never miss.


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