Philips Norelco 1150X 40 Shaver 6100 Review

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The Phillips Norelco 6100 is a mid-range priced shaving unit. It features an 8-direction shave, hands-free charging, and 50 minutes of shave time.

This review is going to look at the features, functionality, and shaving experience that the Phillips 6100 offers.

The 6100 is the perfect shaver for anyone who desires a close shave and shares a bathroom with their spouse. This razor has a hair collection chamber which minimizes how many hairs are scattered about the bathroom. The Gyroflex 2D contouring technology allows this razor to hug the curves of your face, maximizing contact and enhancing the shaving experience.

This shaver has both wet and dry shaving modes, with holes along the shaved head that allow water to flow out of the razor. Rubber ridges along the handle give you a good base to grip, even with wet, soapy hands. The built-in quick-charge mode gives this razor a boost when you forget to plug it in, meaning you will never have to go a day without a good shave, and the battery indicator gives you a heads-up when charging is required.

Their superior lift-and-cut technology allows this razor to grab even the flattest hairs, ensuring you get a close shave, the first time with minimal irritation and razor burn, best of all, this grabs both long and short hairs.

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What’s Included in the Box?

This shaver is pretty basic in terms of accessories and add-ons, but the following is included in the box:

An instruction manual that gives you directions on how to use the razor, cleaning tips, and warranty information.

The shaver itself

A cleaning brush to help dust off and remove debris from the shaver.

The power cord

A charging station that allows for touchless charging.

A carrying case and protective cover for the charging head.

What is not included?

A precision trimmer, if you need one of these, you can add one on, at an additional cost.

A cleaning module. This razor will require manual cleaning and detailing.

What Makes This Razor Great?

There are a few features that make this razor fantastic for the price, some of them include the Gyroflex 2D Technology and the shape of the body of the razor that allows for a comfortable grip.

Gyroflex 2D Technology

The technology built into this razor allows it to specifically target and lift up hairs to quickly and easily remove them without irritating the skin. The razor also easily follows the contours of the face, which allows for a smooth, close shave without bumps or razor burn. This razor picks up both the short and the longer hairs with ease, which gives you the best shave, the first time around.

Hair Collection Chamber

One of the best features of this razor is the hair-collection chamber. This easily collects all the little bits of hair that would generally end up on the counter or in the sink and stores them in an easy-to-clean chamber that can be emptied when necessary.

Battery Life

This razor offers up to 50 minutes of shave time and has a battery indicator light that lets you know when it’s time to recharge on the charging dock. There is also a low-battery warning that gives you a heads-up when the battery is about to run out, mid-shave. This razor also has a unique feature where you can give it a quick charge for a quick-morning shave.


This razor is very simple to maintain, once you’ve finished shaving, simply run it under hot water to clean it out. After rinsing, use the provided brush to clean out any remaining hairs.

Body Shape

This razor has a sleek, textured handle that allows you to easily grip it either wet or dry. The rubber nubs on the handle will ensure this razor does not slip from your hands when wet. This razor is also fairly lightweight.


When taking your razor on a trip, it’s important that it works upon arrival. The 6100 will be there for you, no matter where you are. It features a travel lock, which will ensure your razor does not turn on in your bag. It also has a protective cap for the razor’s head to prevent damage to the foil or blade. The power cord can accommodate a variety of voltages to allow you to use it in practically any city.

What are the top pros and cons of the 6100?


1. Gyroflex 2D technology that allows the razor to contour your face and pick up hairs without friction.
2. Portability, this razor is great for travel and the cord can accommodate a variety of voltages.
3. The price, this mid-range razor comes at a great price and is perfect for a beginner, or experienced user.
4. The handle that allows you to have a comfortable grip, whether wet or dry.
5. The hair collection chamber that keeps your counters and sinks clean.


1. You have to manually clean this razor as it does not come with a cleaning module.
2. Does not include a precision trimmer and one must be purchased separately.
3. This razor is fairly basic and doesn’t include some features as newer models do.
4. The charging stand can be bulky and difficult to store.
5. The battery life could be better, this one seems to discharge fairly quickly.

Overall, the 6100 is a great, everyday shaver. The Gyroflex technology allows for a smooth, even shave without razor burn. The quick-charge method is great when you forget to plug in your razor the night before.

This razor is perfect for travel as it is lightweight and includes a multi-voltage power cord. The comfortable handle keeps you from losing your grip on the razor when it’s wet. The best feature of this razor is the hair-collection chamber that keeps your counters and sinks clean, which also makes this great when you travel to keep your borrowed space neat and tidy.

Best of all, this razor comes at a great price that makes it very affordable for any user. Ease of use makes this a fantastic first razor for the beginner shaver as well.

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