What Is Aftershave And Why Do I Need It?

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In this article, we are going to look at how to avoid nicks and scratches when using a shaver. It’s a common occurrence for men of any age to suffer from these cuts, even people who take their time to shave.

But, don’t worry, we are going to talk about the benefits of using aftershave and what it can do to prevent blade marks.

And it can also alleviate irritation and decrease cuts. If you’re wondering about the benefits of aftershave and why it’s necessary, including it in your shaving sessions can help you avoid sensitivity issues. By putting these tips into practice, you can confidently shave without hesitation.

What Is Aftershave?

As the name suggests aftershave is applied after getting done with shaving. You need to apply the aftershave liquid over your face to release any sort of irritation. Aftershave can help because it is made up of antiseptics which keep your cuts from getting any infection. You will experience a decrease in any kind of facial irritation because aftershave numbs the skin which gets damaged during the shaving process.

When you apply aftershave in a matter of seconds you will begin experiencing a tingling sensation which is very normal. Some aftershaves offer a very soothing minty scent as they contain menthol and other oils.

Balm and splash are two forms of aftershave. Both are manufactured differently, on one hand, the splash will act in an instant like any ointment, whereas the balms won’t dry on the skin and retain the moisture.  You will feel the moisture for hours if you use balm aftershave.

Why Do I Need Aftershave?

People often question the importance of aftershave. But, shaving removes the dead skin on your face, exposing the epidermis layer below it. This can cause your skin to be more vulnerable to dirt because of the open pores. In order to avoid the risk of germs and infections, it’s important to take preventive measures.

The build-up of bacteria on your face can cause dryness and cracks. Dry skin can fast-track the aging process on your face. Using high-quality aftershave can help protect from these issues and promote healthy skin.

If you want to look young and fresh then use aftershave. The alcohol in the aftershave will clean and sanitize your skin. Aftershave can do a great job of helping you fight bacteria. What else do you want?

Below are more reasons to use aftershave

  • The use of aftershave will help you fight acne problems. Aftershave fights bacteria which destroys the possibility of acne growing
  • Remember to choose the aftershave that suits your skin type. Don’t ignore this because every person has different skin with varied sensitivity levels. People often prefer splash if they have normal or oily skin. Some men don’t like using Splash because of the tingling effect that you get but you won’t have to worry about that if you choose aftershave that has no alcohol in it
  • Look for an aftershave with aloe vera content if your skin is sensitive. But if you have extremely sensitive skin then go for a balm, as it will keep your skin from drying out. If you don’t want too much moisture on your skin then here is what you should do. Get a Splash aftershave which will dry out your skin and then afterward apply a thin coat of moisturizer
  • Take into account where you live before buying aftershave. Places where the climate is cold or dry often sell out of balm. If you want to not have to worry about cracked skin in dry winters then take advantage of using balms

How do I use aftershave?

The process of applying aftershave varies from day to day for a few reasons. For example, your skin gets affected by the climate you are in so as a result it behaves differently. So consider how your skin is doing before getting aftershave. Below, I put together a guide that can help you daily.

1.    First of all, throw cold water over your face in order to close the pores so no bacteria could seep in

2.    If your skin feels slippery then wash your face with cold water again until it gets back to normal

3.    You should pat your skin with a towel. Make sure you use a dry towel until your face is dry

4.    Squeeze aftershave in your hands and then bring them together. After rubbing the aftershave, carefully dab it over your cheeks then start massaging

5.    Use the right quantity of aftershave which is about three to four drops or so


In conclusion, aftershave is a necessity if you really want to keep your skin clean and sanitize. Aftershave will not only keep your skin healthy and moisturized it will also fight germs and irritation.

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